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Marketing Tools

Four Integrations with Slack for Marketing Teams

By Emily Neier | October 22, 2018
Considering there's 8 million daily users from 500,000 organizations, your company might already be using Slack. Beyond chat and group messaging capabilities, Slack has integrations with over 1,500 applications and platforms that make it a powerful multi-tasking tool—the Swiss Army Knife of business applications. Search for internal data like contacts, get quick answers to questions about your competitors, share files, and get notified for just about everything from the other platforms you’re already using without having to leave Slack. If you’re looking to use Slack more effectively with your marketing team, below are a few integrations to get you started.

Marketing Tips

What's This Slack Thing, Anyway?

By Allison Spooner | June 7, 2017
If you had a way to improve communication among your team, eliminate extra emails and have a little fun while doing it, would you? Our guess is, yes. The answer to your communication woes may lie in a new tool you’ve probably already heard a lot about. Slack is a messaging app that’s slowly making its way into business conversations across industries. But what exactly is this Slack thing anyway and do you even want people to be able to Slack you?

Internet Marketing

Comparing Digital Marketing Measurement Tools

By Gillian | March 26, 2014
We've spent a lot of blog inches talking about digital marketing measurement, and that's not a mistake. Without the right measurement plan in place, there is no way to know how well - or even if - you digital marketing strategies are working. More importantly, there is no way to know how to get them to work data. If you want to review the past posts we've made about measurement, have a look here:

Internet Marketing

HubSpot: What's It All About

By Gillian | January 21, 2014
No matter what type of business you have, you want it to grow. This is true from a small, gourmet cupcake shop to the most massive corporate conglomerate. A stagnant business is a failing business. If you do not see the type of growth that you want, you'll want to take a hard look at all aspects of your business, including your marketing strategies. In fact, maybe that's how you found your way to our site: you're ready to use proven online marketing strategies to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. ManoByte can help you do that. Many people wonder just how we do it. Well, part of the reason we can offer that kind of assistance is because we've partnered with the best inbound marketing resource available today, HubSpot.