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Marketing Tips

Grand Rapids Marketing Planner: July 31st - August 4th, 2017

By Amy Post | July 31, 2017
Hold the phone! How is it that we are already going into August this week? It feels like winter just ended! It seems like the summer months are far too short and all of a sudden we are shoveling again, am I right? Oh well, I hope you take some time this August to bask in a little more summer fun while also getting in some of that all-important networking time as well.


5 Unexpected Ways Your Website Can Generate Leads

By Allison Spooner | June 21, 2017
Many manufacturing companies today still don't see the value their website presents for business growth. Websites and social media are often viewed as marketing techniques for popular brands or consumer-driven products. But if you’re a manufacturing company who isn’t utilizing an inbound-leveraged website, you’re missing out.

Marketing Tips

5 Essential Tips For Selling to Facility Managers

By Amy Post | June 16, 2017
If you sell to facility or building managers, you may already know there’s a bit of a “science” with how these individuals make purchasing decisions. You can’t just pop a proposal down and hope they’re going to pick you, especially if you know you aren't the cheapest player in the game. You have to hit a few key pain-points and establish some proven value before they’ll sign on that dotted line.

Marketing Tips

The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner: June 12th-16th, 2017

By Amy Post | June 12, 2017
"We're feeling HOT, HOT, HOT!" this week, how about you? It's going to be a steamy one here in the West Michigan area, that's for sure. I think we'll all be looking for some great spots where we can rest in some A/C with a cool beverage this week, so why not hit up a networking event around town where you can do just that? Here are a few Grand Rapids Marketing events where you can beat the heat:

Marketing Tips

What's This Slack Thing, Anyway?

By Allison Spooner | June 7, 2017
If you had a way to improve communication among your team, eliminate extra emails and have a little fun while doing it, would you? Our guess is, yes. The answer to your communication woes may lie in a new tool you’ve probably already heard a lot about. Slack is a messaging app that’s slowly making its way into business conversations across industries. But what exactly is this Slack thing anyway and do you even want people to be able to Slack you?

Marketing Tips

The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner March 6th-10th, 2017

By Amy Post | March 6, 2017
Whoaaa, is it Spring already? Sure feels like it around here in West Michigan. Today's a little gloomy, but it's supposed to be a pretty beautiful week around here, so that means it's time to head out to some great Grand Rapids marketing and networking events happening around town! Here's a few to bookmark for this week:

Marketing Tips


By Megan Prangley | February 27, 2017
Monday may not be everyone's favorite day, but it does bring a fresh start. This week could be anything you want it to be, so why not put some time and effort into networking with your fellow Grand Rapids area marketers? Keep reading for the must-attend events this week.  

Marketing Tips

The Grand Rapids Marketing Planner: February 20th -25th, 2017

By Amy Post | February 20, 2017
Can you all believe the BEAUTIFUL February weather we've had this month? Who knew we would see days in the 40's and 50's in the middle of what is typically one of the coldest and most blustery of the year? I hope all of our Grand Rapids marketing lovers are taking advantage of the clear roads and abundant sunshine and venturing out for some great networking events. For those of you looking for more opportunities to network, here are a few we are making a note of: