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ManoByte's at #INBOUND16: Wednesday UPDATE

By Amy Post | November 9, 2016
It's Wednesday, so that means we are deep into all the excitement that comes along with the HubSpot INBOUND Conference. Boston is absolutely stunning, so in addition to our keynote events, break-out sessions, and networking events, we are taking in the beauty of this glorious city. Here are a few pics we snapped around town today:


Who is ManoByte and What Do We Do?

By Stephanie Cutler | October 24, 2016
Simply put, we’re inbound marketing professionals that have the power to completely transform your brand and increase sales, but only if you’ll let us.


ManoByte Is Celebrating Our New Partnership With the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce!

By Matt McCready | September 30, 2016
 COME JOIN US AS WE CELEBRATE OUR NEW SHARK TANK! You might have heard by now that we are growing, and with that growth we needed a new creative space, so we moved to an awesome new spot! Now, we want to show it off to our local friends and customers!  Through a new partnership with the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, we are inviting you to come by for our ribbon cutting event where you can see our new film studio, viewing theater, and all the spaces where we Sharks make marketing magic happen. Oh, and you know sharks love to eat, so there will of course be complimentary food and drinks!  


We've Got A New Shark Tank And We Want YOU To Come See It!

By Amber Swanson | September 27, 2016
In Today’s Work Environment, Culture is Everything. Take it from us, ManoByte has recently relocated to a bright, buzzing, and beautiful new space that fosters creativity, engages team members, and creates a more productive and positive workspace.


ManoByte & Sharks: A Love Story

By Gillian | July 6, 2015
This week, we're taking a bit of a break from our normally scheduled inbound marketing content (although it won't be completely absent, promise) to talk about sharks. You might be wondering what sharks have to do with anything and whether this was just a thinly veiled attempt for this blogger to get to watch some wicked shark videos on YouTube. But I assure you, it was not (only) that. If you'll take a look to your right. Or above. Or to the top left of this page. (Come to think of it, we have a lot of logos on this page, don't we?) you'll see the ManoByte logo, which consists of two circling sharks. That logo is an integral part of our brand identity and the jumping off point for why we have decided to celebrate #SharkWeek alongside the Discovery Channel this year. Keep reading to find out more about our Boy Meets Shark story.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

The Importance of an Experienced Inbound Marketing Team

By Beth Jackson | April 23, 2015
In any industry, marketing is incredibly important. But as marketing trends shift, it can become difficult for a company to create fresh, effective marketing campaigns on their own. For instance, inbound marketing comes with a whole new set of rules and data that can be a challenge for traditional marketing teams to grasp. A skilled inbound marketing team can help you determine the right types of advertising, build an effective marketing plan, and more.

Internet Marketing

What We Learned in 2014 That Grew Our Customer's Leads & Revenue

By Gillian | December 31, 2014
It's that time of year again. Time for resolutions and reflection and ultimately gratitude. But we're not much for schmaltz here on the ManoByte blog. We're about business, and our business is helping our clients businesses grow and thrive. So instead of telling you how we want to lose five pounds of keywords or start eating healthier e-books, we want to share our learning process and let you in on what worked best this year and how we can keep holding true to our most important values in 2015.