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CRMs are a core part of many businesses—that’s why the number of available platforms continues to grow. While there are many all-purpose and industry-specific CRMs out there, choosing the best one for your manufacturing business means careful conside...

Interior designers and architects make up a good piece of your customer base as a building materials manufacturer, but how can you leverage these audiences to continuously bring in more business?

You can improve your channel sales through contractors by understanding they are often artists at heart, not salespeople or accountants. When you help them become better business owners, you'll build loyalty to your brand and as their book of busines...

One of the most important things to understand about your customer relationship management (CRM) software is that there will be more to the cost than just the monthly or yearly subscription fee you need to pay for use of the software.

Cross selling and upselling represent quick wins for increasing revenue, but is not always an easy plan to launch and swiftly deliver to your customers. Although existing customers are far more likely to buy from you than a new prospect, it is on you...

Right now builders and every other stakeholder involved in residential and commercial construction projects have one priority top of mind: finishing the project on time, or sooner. Everything else about your offering is secondary.

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