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It's entirely possible you've already tried various out-of-the-boxpartner relationship management (PRM) solutions, yet you've been unable to find the right fit. There's a reason for that—these off-the-shelf platforms try to cram your business into a ...

As a business owner, it's natural to want to do everything in your power to prevent damage to your products while they're in transit. Still, despite your best intentions, sometimes things just don't go how you'd planned.

Manufactures in the Building Material Industry are highly dependent on builders, dealers, distributors, and big box stores to get their products to market. The process of leveraging intermediaries to get your product to the end user is called channel...

Inbound marketing is a revenue generating methodology that attracts customers by providing value through helpful, relevant content and experiences to foster connections and relationships with customers.

Whenever you add a new partner to your existing distribution network things move quickly, and it's common for certain elements to slip through the cracks and become forgotten - with partner onboarding unfortunately being at the top of that list.

Successful partnerships with other businesses to scale a revenue channel means managing an increasing number of complex moving parts, each with its own number of details. Channel partner managers and administrators need a platform technology that ena...

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