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What is a Pipeline Acceleration Campaign? A pipeline acceleration campaign is a campaign used to increase sales velocity. This type of campaign combines marketing with sales to move a deal more quickly through the pipeline. A successful pipeline acce...

What is Virtual Event Planning? Virtual events are anything from an Instagram Live or Reddit AMA to webinars, online workshops, and entire conferences hosted online. No matter the size of your virtual event, planning ahead is needed to get the word o...

What are Salesforce Integrations? In short, Salesforce integrations are programs that connect other software platforms with Salesforce so information can be automatically exchanged between them. There are several kinds of integrations:

Contributed by Deana Vidal and Mikaela Arroyo of John Burns Real Estate Consulting Smart home tech is set to boom. We are on the cusp of the next generation of smart homes that will revolutionize the way we live.

Various challenges along with the current labor shortage are causing significant strain on a myriad of industries and most certainly in the building products industry.

Following in step with the progression of other industries that leverage distribution partners to go-to-market, the building materials industry is facing the new task of re-tooling existing indirect distribution models and partner programs to form ec...

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