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Inbound Marketing

Setting Up a Facebook Page for Lead Generation

By Gillian | January 1, 2014
In starting up your social media presence - or just working to make it more effective - you don't want to neglect Facebook. In fact, it has been reported than more than 10% of an average person's internet minutes are spent on Facebook. That means ample time to get your message out, but it also means plenty of competition for your attention. You want to get the most out of Facebook that you can and that means leads. So how can you set up a Facebook page that maximizes leads for your business without sucking up all your time and energy? We've got some ideas that will help.


Social Media: 4 Statistics That May Surprise You

By Gillian | December 5, 2013
If you're reading this blog, you're at least a little curious about social media and social media strategy. Maybe you've dabbled in Facebook or sent a tweet or two but you're still a little reluctant to go the whole hog. It seems like a lot of time and effort and who's to say they'll be any benefit? Can't you just stick to your old marketing methods? Or pay for a few Google AdWords? Sure. Of course, you can. But if you're ignoring social media, you're doing a huge disservice to your brand. And here's why.  


The Value Engaging Content- Video Ads on Facebook

By Gillian | November 18, 2013
Advertising on Facebook has already become a priority for many companies, with the site's quarterly ad revenue topping $1 billion. It's no surprise that so many advertisers have chosen to spend their ad dollars on the social network, due to its colossal reach, but soon big spenders will have a new way to reach Facebook's massive audience and get them to use engaging content: including video ads.


Facebook Announces "Verified" Pages and Profiles

By Kevin Dean | June 2, 2013
We’ve all searched Facebook for a popular celebrity or business. But when you get 12 profile matches all claiming to be that celebrity or business, how can you tell which profile is real? Enter Facebook verified accounts. Facebook verified accounts are designed to help users identify authentic users. When a user sees a blue check mark on a profile page, he or she will know that is the real profile page for that person or business.

Inbound Marketing

On the New Facebook, a Picture Could be Worth a Thousand Followers

By Lisa Saliture | April 5, 2013
By now, you’ve probably heard that Facebook, one of social media’s most populated platforms, is shifting towards a more image-driven style. If you find yourself rethinking the way Facebook fits into your overall social media strategy, you’re not alone. If you’re not accustomed to using images as narrative, the shift may leave you at a bit of a loss when it comes to your branding efforts. But visually drive storytelling is nothing new. Here are three great places to draw inspiration from. Look at other image-driven applications like Instagram Part of Facebook’s new move towards being more visually-driven comes from trying to recapture younger users who have moved to applications like Tumblr and Instagram. If you haven’t explored these communities yet, they’re a great source for examining how you can tell a story just through images. See if you can identify ways in which small pieces of the puzzle add up to reveal a larger story about an organization. An Instagram feed may include pictures of a snazzily dressed customer who’s wearing your product. Or maybe you want to capture a dazzling view from your restaurant’s window. Focus on personalized details that add up to a big picture and get inspired by the creative efforts from the top 20 companies on Instagram.


Evolve like Facebook

By Kevin Dean | March 14, 2013
Facebook is Maturing One of the most visited and most versatile websites on the internet, Facebook presents both a challenge as well as a potential for great reward. While other websites before Facebook had much the same function on the internet, there are two features that those websites didn't have.


Facebook News feed Kills EdgeRank

By Kevin Dean | March 8, 2013
Facebook has updated its news feed making it more streamlined and easier to view videos and photos.And as it has updated what it shows you, it also has removed EdgeRank, which Was a special algorithm used to determine what would be shown in your news feed and what would not be shown in your news feed.