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Customer Experience

5 Tips for Aligning Customer Support with Sales & Marketing Teams

By Amy Post | July 3, 2018
We’ve heard it over and over again, how important it is for your sales and marketing teams to align with each other for maximum results and growth. But what about those customer support teams? Don’t they play a pivotal role in working with your biggest marketing and sales asset, your clients? Studies continue to show the importance of your current customers in effective business growth strategies, but yet very few companies report a strong alliance between their sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

Customer Experience

What's The Future of The Phone in Customer Support?

By Kevin Dean | June 27, 2018
Call centers, perhaps they should more aptly be named "discover your inner hulk centers." Arguably the most frustrating part about call centers is that no one seems to pick up the phone, leaving customers stuck on the eternal loop of listening to terrible automated messages or music that is worse than elevator tunes. In a move that is fitting of the Comcast renaming branding fiasco of 2010, call centers are now being renamed contact centers. The question that remains is, "does the name change really mean anything for the future of phone support?"

Customer Experience

Helpful Tips for Servicing Customers with Disabilities or Special Needs

By Kevin Dean | June 26, 2018
Customers with special needs or disabilities represent a large percentage of today's consumer population. According to the ADA, over 50 million Americans have a disability, which means that approximately 18% of the population are navigating the effects of some form of disability or special needs. With the U.S. Department of Labor estimating that this population segment has around $175 billion in discretionary spending power, it's a market your business can't afford to overlook. 

Customer Experience

Are Your Customers Really Loyal to Your Business?

By Amy Post | June 22, 2018
Customer loyalty is one of the most important aspects of your business. But when customers aren't talking to you about it or making another purchase, how do you really know how loyal they are? What if a lower price, great coupon, or fancy new feature entices them in another direction? Would you even know about it before the customer went astray?

Customer Experience

How to Reboot Your Organization's Customer Experience Programs

By Kevin Dean | June 21, 2018
Customer experience programs can help your company build rapport with consumers and turn one-off encounters into repeat visitors. Maybe your customer experience program needs a reboot because it seems to be floundering or its influence has fizzled out. Perhaps it needs a reboot to keep it fresh and engaging. Regardless of the impetus behind its reboot, the following roadmap will help your company devise a better customer experience program. 

Customer Experience

Translating Help Desk Activities into Customer Satisfaction Metrics

By Kevin Dean | June 21, 2018
Companies can easily fall into the trap of thinking their customer satisfaction is going great simply by looking at how many calls were responded to and the speed at which it happened. Especially if the number of support calls are decreasing. What they may not realize is this measurement might be a bit skewed. What a company really needs to be asking is how many of these calls actually closed an issue for a customer in the way they would have preferred it be handled in today's digital landscape?

Customer Experience

What You Can do to Make Your Customer Feedback Actionable

By Kevin Dean | June 18, 2018
Collecting customer feedback is key to understanding how well you're meeting customers' needs. And while collecting all the feedback in the world is great, unless this feedback is actionable, it proves to be of no value. Let's explore helpful tips and advice for getting the most out of your customer feedback by using it in actionable ways. 

Customer Experience

The Inbound Service Framework Guide to Company Growth

By Kevin Dean | June 13, 2018
How engaged are your customers? What steps have you taken to ensure that each customer who interacts with your company is fully engaged? If you are like most organizations (one study showed more than half), you don’t have a formal program for customer engagement in place. How many customers did you lose last year? Not sure? Customer engagement programs have methods for providing you with this vital information. If you have not implemented a formal customer engagement program, you probably don't have the tools in longterm scalable company growth. Rather listen to this content? Check out our video podcast below!