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Channel Operations

The Basics of Customer Relationship Management Technology

By Kevin Dean | July 29, 2019
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a platform designed for the organization and management of potential and current customers. CRM helps businesses maintain and improve customer relationships by collecting information about each interaction customers have with an organization. The goal of CRM is customer retention and growth.

Channel Operations

Why You Need a Customer Portal on Your Website

By Kevin Dean | July 26, 2019
Customer portals effectively merge technology with self-service support so consumers can find the information they need to manage their subscriptions, place orders, and solve common product issues on their own. We've already experienced a transition in the buyer's journey to self-research before turning to sales, so it should come as no surprise that customers want to be self-sufficient once they make a purchase. Customer portals, accessed through your company website, help you provide the experience they're looking for and take some workload off your customer service team.

Channel Operations

4 Tips for Utilizing Marketing Funds Effectively Within Your Indirect Sales Strategies

By Kaylee Knapp | January 29, 2019
Even though the goals of marketing efforts are relatively static, the strategies in which channel marketers utilize are ever changing. In our current digital landscape, there are many savvy tools, tricks, and tips that are available to help make marketing through a channel easier and more cost effective. From understanding your target market to implementing through-channel marketing automation, these tips below will help you better understand how to use marketing development funds (MDF) more effectively so your indirect sales strategies become more successful.