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Channel Marketing

Why Demand Generation Fails in Indirect Distribution Channels (And How to Prevent It)

By Kevin Dean | September 3, 2019
Demand generation: it’s how you drum up interest in your products. Separate from lead generation, this strategy is intended to build awareness and demonstrate the need for your product to create a buzz around it.

Channel Marketing

Marketing Automation Basics for B2B Manufacturers

By Kevin Dean | July 24, 2019
Marketing automation is using technology that manages your marketing processes, including multifunctional campaigns and multiple channels, in an automated fashion. But how does it work? Is it difficult to use? Let's take a look at some of the basics.

Channel Marketing

Growing Faster and Stronger with a Through Channel Marketing Automation Platform

By Kevin Dean | July 22, 2019
Businesses today are faced with wildly different expectations than they once were. Consumers are demanding faster response times (in most cases they expect a response within the hour) and want to be able to find answers as quickly as they can type them into a search bar. Businesses need to have solid content spread across a wide variety of channels. Failing to keep up with any channel where your target audience spends time is like forgetting to hang up the “open” sign in your store. If you aren’t visibly available, why will people be drawn to show up?

Channel Marketing

4 Tips for Utilizing Marketing Funds Effectively Within Your Indirect Sales Strategies

By Kaylee Knapp | January 29, 2019
Even though the goals of marketing efforts are relatively static, the strategies in which channel marketers utilize are ever changing. In our current digital landscape, there are many savvy tools, tricks, and tips that are available to help make marketing through a channel easier and more cost effective. From understanding your target market to implementing through-channel marketing automation, these tips below will help you better understand how to use marketing development funds (MDF) more effectively so your indirect sales strategies become more successful. 

Channel Marketing

5 Ways to Enhance Your Partner Marketing Program

By Emily Neier | January 23, 2019
Marketing in an indirect sales channel is no easy feat. The channel manager has little visibility to their end users, and they have to rely in part on their channel partners to effectively market their products in order to make sales. How do you as the channel manager supply your partners with what they need to succeed? Below, we’ve gathered some ways you can enhance your partner marketing program for smoother selling throughout the entire channel.

Channel Marketing

Five Marketing Tips for Insurance Agencies Looking to Grow

By Amy Post | October 26, 2018
Insurance agencies today have some stiff competition. With customers turning to the internet and their neighbor's recommendations to conduct their research on insurance agencies, policies, and rates, the average person calling in for a quote is often much further along in the buying process than they were a few years ago. But as an agency, how do you ensure your agency is the one they are calling when they are ready to buy? With tens of thousands of insurance agencies out there to choose from today, how can yours set itself apart from the rest?

Channel Marketing

5 Steps for Launching Your First Channel Marketing Campaign

By Amy Post | August 3, 2018
As we’ve mentioned, marketing within a channel of Value Added Resellers (VARS) can pose some challenges because of the sheer dynamic of the multi-step sales process. Often times, the VARs are selling multiple lines of products, so getting yours to stick out among your competition with both the VAR salespeople and the end-user can be quite the feat. However, many successful channel networks today are implementing marketing and sales strategies that are tremendously successful toward growing their revenue. And it all starts with the launch of a channel marketing campaign that addresses the needs of those involved.

Channel Marketing

6 Tips for Marketing Through a Channel of Distributors

By Amy Post | June 29, 2018
The terms, “channel selling” or, “selling through a distribution channel” are essentially the same thing. It means the distributor doesn't sell a product direct to the consumer, but instead, through a channel of resellers. Marketing in this type of arrangement can often be a challenge because there's a need for an effective strategy that markets the product or service to both the reseller as well as the end user.