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Business Growth

Is HubSpot Secure Enough for Regulated Industries?

By Kevin Dean | June 5, 2018
The HubSpot cloud-based software platform is well known for fluidly assisting companies in launching and controlling marketing campaigns. HubSpot can also help with managing sales processes and supporting customers’ ongoing needs. This all-in-one system provides businesses with the data required for strategic decisions in sales, marketing and customer service to support business goals and growth objectives.

Business Growth

10 Books The CEO and Executives Must Read to Help Their Companies Grow

By Kevin Dean | June 4, 2018
Learning and adding to our personal knowledge is integral to continued growth and development. As a leader, everyone in the company looks to you for strategic direction. Meaning you need to keep a handle on the market, the products or services you provide, while at the same time inspiring your employees and influencing the stakeholders.

Business Growth

Top 10 Tips for Successful Networking

By Kevin Dean | May 30, 2018
Good networking skills can open doors of opportunity that would have otherwise remained shut. It can also help you learn more about your field and industry than you could have discovered on your own, as well as putting you in touch with people who can help you succeed. If you are looking to give your networking skills a boost, here are the top ten tips for successful networking.  Would you rather watch our video podcast on this topic? Click below to take a listen!

Business Growth

What Does Customer Service Mean to You and Your Business?

By Kevin Dean | May 29, 2018
Customer service seems like a straightforward enough practice to understand because it's the provision of service to customers with little room for confusion or controversy. However, notions about what customer service is, or what it entails cam vary, even between professionals. For example, more expansive textbook definitions suggest customer service also extends to include activities before, and during the initial sale—before prospects even become customers.