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by Gillian
on December 6, 2013

In today's world, many business professionals are using LinkedIn for networking and career advancement. However, LinkedIn is also a great tool for Business-to-business (B2B) lead generation as well. Setting up a company LinkedIn page is ideal for this task. Here are three tips for optimizing your LinkedIn company page for B2B lead generation.

Provide Valuable Content
The first step to attracting leads to your company LinkedIn page is to publish valuable and relevant content. You should be updating your status at least every other day and more frequently if possible. Make sure you provide links to informative content that offers your visitors valuable information. This content can be created by your company or by others. Offering great content establishes your company as an expert in the field. When established in this fashion, people will start to look to your company frequently for answers to their problems. Once this occurs, leads will start pouring in.

Showcase Your Products and Services
LinkedIn allows you to create pages for your products and services. You should use these pages to showcase how you can solve problems for people. Be sure to use powerful graphics and videos on these pages to really draw your prospects in and show them that you have the solutions to their most pressing problems. You also want to provide links to landing pages for each product or service rather than just your main company website. This way, you can capture leads directly from your LinkedIn page.

Build a Community of Fans
The best way to generate leads using LinkedIn is to create a community of fans. To accomplish this, you want to invite people to follow your company pages. In doing this, you provide your followers with updates and relevant information about your business. You will also want to solicit recommendations from your LinkedIn community. This provides social proof to others that your company does expert work. You might also consider starting a LinkedIn group for your company. LinkedIn groups allow you to interact more directly with your fans and followers. When you build a community, your present customers and fans are transformed into an amazing marketing and promotional tool for your business. These social connections will allow your company to reach more people that can then generate into your new leads.

These three tips are a great place to start optimizing your LinkedIn company page for B2B lead generation. Leave a comment and let us know what has worked for your LinkedIn company page.