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by Gillian
on March 21, 2013

Consistent BloggingThere are a lot of reasons that people start blogs – from driving new traffic to their ecommerce site to improving their writing skills for professional development. But no matter what your reason for blogging, ultimately you want people to read your blog. There are endless tips online for creating clickable headlines and irresistible calls to action, but we’re not going to cover that today. Instead, we’re going to talk about *yawn* consistency.

I know, consistency is not the most exciting topic. But what we and bloggers around the world have already found is that glamorous or not, consistent blogging is the key to a successful blog. This is true for a variety of reasons.

First and foremost, consistent blogging is the easiest and best way to develop your voice as a blogger. Blogging regularly helps you to become a better writer, to become a faster writer, and overall to be more effective at conveying your message while nurturing your own personal style. There is no shortcut to developing a voice and when you first start, you probably won’t even know what your voice is. But that’s okay because if you blog regularly you will figure it out fast and it will become more and more apparent and therefore more and more compelling.

Most bloggers also want to get an audience and get one fast. Think about this: if your blog only has one or two posts you can attract as many readers as you want but they’ll never come back because they’ve already seen all you have to offer. If you’re blogging regularly, you’ll have a whole archive that they can explore. New readers are a lot more likely to stick around and to check back later if you post regularly. Even better, if you're consistent with days and times you post, your readers can know exactly when they'll be able to get new content. They like that.

Also up towards the top of the list of reasons to blog and blog regularly is the fact that blogging regularly is good for your SEO. Period. Fresh, new content is always smiled upon by the search gods so you want it. Especially if it’s unique, interesting, and relevant to the rest of your site.

The faster the internet moves and the more content is out there, the more difficult it becomes to get a “big hit.” I mean a post that goes viral, hundreds or thousands of shares, Likes, comments. It’s not easy to cut through the noise so even if you dedicate hours and hours to crafting the perfect post, it could still fall flat. While a disappointment, that failure is going to be all the more acute if you don’t have another post in the works. Don’t put all your chickens into one infographic. Post regularly and you’re more likely to find that hit (and hopefully keep finding them).

You have to agree that these are all good reasons to keep at it and blog regularly. (If you don’t agree then you probably didn’t read this far down anyway). “But blogging is so hard!” you say. “And it takes so much time!” you also say. Yes, blogging can be hard and it does take time. But blogging regularly will help you improve in both these areas. You don’t have to blog every day, but posting even once a week keeps things fresh and will have major benefits in the long run.

Why not start by posting right…now?