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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on January 30, 2017

Can you believe January is ending this week? Wow, that absolutely FLEW by for us. This year, the crew here at ManoByte wants to be sure we take some time out to connect with other Grand Rapids marketers and business owners. Since we're already looking into various events for ourselves, we've decided to share some of the networking and marketing events that are happening in and around the area with all of you, in case you're looking to do the same.

Here are the Grand Rapids marketing and networking events happening around town this week:

Business Networking and Beers

We think this event has a name we can relate to! On Wednesday afternoon, you can skate out of work at four and head on over to Grey Skies Distillery on Ottawa to have a beer in a super casual networking environment. The event goes until 8:00 PM and you just need to bring a few bucks for your brews. Even though it's free they still want you to RSVP right here. 

Writing a Busines Plan Event

Want to increase your chances for successful self-employment? Or, if you are planning a business launch, this course on Thursday evening is perfect for you. They'll be outlining the specifics of marketing tactics, finance, legal, regulatory issues, company operations, and information-based planning and management are just a few of the key components being presented. There's no cost to attend, but you do need to reserve your seat here.

The ManoByte Lunch and Learn 

Here at ManoByte, we're gearing up for our first Lunch & Learn event for 2017! Mark your calendars now for our complimentary seminar and networking event on Tuesday, February 28th, where our very own Lauren Wantroba will be talking about "How You Can Make Your Website Your Best Salesperson." We're offering a complimentary lunch for all attendees, so you can network with other business owners before the presentation begins. RSVP right here and Check out this blog for a sneak peek of what Lauren will be talking about. 

Have a great week!

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