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Megan Prangley
by Megan Prangley
on February 27, 2017

Monday may not be everyone's favorite day, but it does bring a fresh start. This week could be anything you want it to be, so why not put some time and effort into networking with your fellow Grand Rapids area marketers? Keep reading for the must-attend events this week.  

Lunch and Learn 

This week is the week! ManoByte is hosting our first ever Lunch and Learn Event at our ManoByte Learning Center, which is located at 4843 Cascade RD SE #1, Grand Rapids, MI 49546. Lauren W. from our Business Development Team is ready to go over website optimization with you, helping you learn how to make your website your best salesperson. The event is free and a complimentary lunch will be served because, after all, it's not a ManoByte get-together without yummy food.

Check out the video below to hear more about the Lunch and Learn!  

We hope to see you there! If you haven't already RSVP'd you better hurry, seats are limited and filling up fast. This is your last chance to save your seat -- Sign up right here. 

Master LinkedIn

Need help building your LinkedIn network to grow your client base? Join Tim Todd for a free marketing class all about LinkedIn for businesses. This Tuesday at 7 PM you'll learn how to use LinkedIn the right way to connect with clients, referral partners, press, investors, etc. Register for this Grand Rapids class here

Develop Communication and Leadership Skills

Looking for a new meet-up group to get involved with to build your communication skill set? Join the Grand Rapids Toastmasters for an interactive meeting designed to make you a better speaker and leader. If speaking in front of a group of people isn't your favorite thing, overcome your stage fright with some help from the Toastmasters this Thursday during your lunch hour.  This free event is located at the Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Don't forget to RSVP right here. Don't have time to drive around Grand Rapids and attend events this week? No problem, we've got you covered. Learn a thing or two with our free eBook, "LinkedIn Profile Best Practices." It's easy and free to download, so go ahead. Start optimizing your perfect LinkedIn profile right now with help from ManoByte.  New Call-to-action