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Megan Prangley
by Megan Prangley
on June 5, 2017

Some exciting events are coming up this week, and we wanted to be the first ones to tell you about them because we're just cool like that! Get out of the stuffy office and enjoy some sunshine on your way to these awesome marketing, business, and networking events. We're also planning some exciting events the ManoByte team will be hosting later this season, so subscribe to the blog now to make sure you never miss a Monday Marketing Planner. 

CAMC Job Fair

Looking for a new career, or want to connect with your niche market and learn more about your target personas in manufacturing? Check out this career fair in Lansing. It's a bit of drive from Grand Rapids, but roll the windows down and enjoy the Summer breeze! This Manufacturing Job Fair will allow attendees to meet with employers and learn about existing job opportunities. Job Seekers can register for the AM or PM session for more convenience. Want to know who's going to be there? Connect wth Alro Steel, Cameron Tool, Crest Marine, Dart Container, Dakkota Integrated Systems, Dowding Industries, Eckhart, Enprotech, Franchino Mold and Engineering, GSE Industrial Automation, Orchid Orthopedic Solutions, and more! Don't forget to register here. 

Hey, is There Something Fishy About ‘Remote Work?’

Have you worked from home before? Here at ManoByte, some of us have when we've been sick or expecting an important package, but did you know big companies like Yahoo and IBM have been ending such flexibility? Sometimes on job sites it specifically states, "on-site" only when the position could easily be done remotely. What’s your experience with remote work or “working from home”? Share it at this free Meetup!

June 7th the Content Marketing Meetup will discuss the pros and cons and owner benefits of allowing remote working. This is a great networking event with lots of friendly faces -- don't forget to bring some business cards to pass out. Weather permitting this event will be outside, how nice, right? The plan is to meet at the Fish Ladder at 5:30 PM with SpeakEZ as a backup in case of rain.

2017 Spring GR Graduation & Pitch Night

Are you looking to network with local businesses and entrepreneurs? Spring GR invites you to attend their Graduation and Pitch Night consisting of entrepreneurs from 5 sites: Restorers Inc, The Other Way Ministries, Roosevelt Park Ministries, Streams of Hope and the new Spanish-speaking site from The Hispanic Center. If you like shows like Shark Tank, you will enjoy this event, which is going to run similar to this popular show. Entrepreneurs will pitch and share their business ideas to a group of judges who will determine a winner along with the audience. That's right; you get to vote in this interactive night. Why else should you go? They'll have refreshments, too. Get more info about this free event here. 

While you're here, don't forget to subscribe to our blog, and we'll keep you updated on what's on the horizon for events throughout West Michigan and right here from the crew at ManoByte.  

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