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by Gillian
on March 5, 2015

In 2015, everyone has a website. But just because you have a way to find you online does not mean that your website is doing everything it can to help you reach your business goals. In fact, most manufacturing websites fall into one trap that robs them of tons of leads every day.

Why Lead Generation is Essential to Your Website

Your website is an investment in your business. A huge percentage of your future customers will see your website before they know anything else about you and your company, so you know it needs to make a good impression. But while you're choosing colors and layout, you could be letting leads slip through your fingers if you're not paying attention. Your manufacturing website should be able to guide a new visitor down a path that is tailored to their needs, which means giving them content that they want in a way that makes sense. That's how you will be able to collect their information and move them from site visitor (and complete stranger) to qualified marketing lead.

How You're Giving Away Leads

As a manufacturer, you have a lot of valuable information to share with your customers. From pricing data to compatibility information and product comparisons, you're a veritable fountain of knowledge! And that's why interested people will come to your website. The question is - what will they do once they get there? 


If your site is anything like most manufacturer's websites, the answer is pretty simple. They'll come to your site, download your spec sheets, and scurry off into the night. Will they come back? Maybe. Will you be able to contact them, answer their questions, and send them highly targeted marketing emails encouraging them to come back? No.

These visitors could be leads if you play your cards right. But right now you're letting them get away.

What to Do Instead

It doesn't have to work like that. It isn't very difficult to pluck these visitors out of the "stranger" pool and put them squarely in your "leads" pool. All you have to do is make one simple change: landing pages. When you put your most valuable information - specifically your product specifications - behind a landing page, you can start generating manufacturing leads data right away. 

Landing pages are pages of your site that include forms and descriptive information about your downloadable content. When someone visits one of your landing pages, that means they are already interested in what you have to offer. So interested, in fact, that most of them will fill out a form that includes their contact information in order to access your offer. When you put your spec sheets behind landing pages, you will see your leads skyrocket because everyone that wants to download that content will have to give you their contact information. 

But you can (and should) ask for more than a name and email address. You can also use that opportunity to ask simple questions that will tell you if they are actually a qualified lead for your sales team. Often, this will be a question about their company or their job. You can ask about their yearly revenue, their decision-making power, or their title. When you collect this kind of information, you can easily categorize new leads and send them to your sales team in a way that makes it much easier to follow up and do so in an effective way.

More Lead Generation Resources

If you're ready to learn more about generating leads for your manufacturing company, be sure to check out the lead generation tag on our blog and sign up for our free webinar.


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