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Megan Prangley
by Megan Prangley
on May 30, 2017

Marketing and analysis go hand in hand like ying and yang, or peanut butter and jelly. Every step of your inbound process needs to be documented and analyzed to inform your next steps as a marketer. Otherwise, there's no way to know what works and what concretely doesn't work. Reporting the success metrics with things like email and content offers are clear; check who opened it, how many converted, etc. The metrics to determine the ROI and success of video marketing might not be as cut and dry, especially if you're new to using video in your business strategy.

If you're hosting your business videos on a site like Wisitia or Youtube, there will be similar metrics available to you. If you're not using a hosting software for your business videos, you can still gain insight from the social sites you're sharing them on, such as Facebook. 


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View Count

Tracking the views on each video helps measure the growth of your brand's reach. The word "reach" in marketing refers to the total number of different people or households exposed to your content. Having a broad reach is helpful to raise brand awareness and establish a higher level of trust. The total number of views is a great place to start when tracking video metrics.  


How many people found your video helpful? Did they like it, retweet it, comment or otherwise? The number of views can be a little ambiguous, so to track the overall quality of those views it's important to also measure video engagement. Tracking engagement will help you determine which videos are higher quality content for your specific buyer personas. 

Watch Time

How long your viewers spend collectively watching your videos adds up to your total watch time, and this metric is very important. Did you know some social platforms like Youtube prioritize videos with high watch times in its suggestions? Keeping track of your watch time per video is another way to determine what's performing well.  

Average Percent Completed

How many people watched your video to fruition? Keep an eye on this statistic and to help improve the number of viewers that make it to the end of your videos, make sure you keep them under one minute. Facebook prioritizes video in your newsfeed by average completion, so this metric matters. Make sure there's quality content until the end of your video. 

Open Rate

Did you know adding a video to an email helps improve the open rate if you allude to it in the headline? Adding video content to website pages and emails will bring a slew of new metrics to track along with others I've named such as conversion rate, page views, time on page, etc. Don't just share video on social media, host them on your website pages to have a multifaceted video marketing approach. 

Reporting and analyzing the metrics matters, especially if you want your business to continuously adapt to make smarter inbound choices. Depending on the goal of your campaign, different metrics may matter more, but the characteristics above are a good place to start tracking video marketing initiatives. 

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