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Allison Spooner
by Allison Spooner
on May 5, 2017

While it probably feels like a CD skipping given how much we talk about video (does talking about CDs make us old?) we’re going to keep talking about it and how you can utilize to grow your business. Because hey, we like you. Once you’ve accepted how big a part video can play in the growth of your business, you might find yourself struggling with the specifics, like how to promote it and to who.

In this post, we’ll highlight the ways you can make the most of your video efforts by leveraging the right audience and getting your video in front of the right people. Because you worked hard to create that great video, now that video should work hard for you.  


You’re pretty proud of that shiny new video; now what? Where can you promote it? Well, where are your personas? You remember personas; fictional representations of your ideal customer. You should know everything you can possibly know about your personas, including where they hang out online. Once you know their favorite social media sites, those sites will determine what you do with your video. 

For example, a lot more millennials are on Instagram and Twitter than on Facebook. While Facebook is pretty lenient with video length, Instagram only allows for 60 seconds and for Twitter it’s a mere 30. Retirees tend to use Facebook to stay in touch with their families. Knowing your persona will determine where you promote your video, and in turn determine the type of video you’ll create.

Type of Video

Leverage your video by making sure you're using the right type of video for your audience. Those short and sweet videos on Twitter might have a stronger impact if they immediately answer a question you know your customers have. Announce the question right away then dig into the answer.

Or, try collaborating with recognized influencers within your industry. A familiar face will attract attention to your video and help you gain maximum views.

Some other types of videos you can try, based on what your personas are looking for:

  • How-to videos (create something and teach others how to create it!)
  • Breaking News (give the latest industry updates or just talk about the world)
  • Behind the Scenes (give a little peek into what makes your company tick)
  • Question, Answer (Invite questions, answer them!)

Don't Forget...

No matter what type of video you choose, the most important aspect of the message is the action you want your audience to take after watching. So make sure to include a clear Call to Action (CTA) button at the end (or before!) and give your audience clear steps on what to do next.

Don't Forget Print

Print is not dead, so don’t forget about it. Search engines are not yet smart enough to pull keywords from video so your video needs a post to go along with it. Transcribe it or write a partner blog to add value and more information. Don’t just repeat the video, have fun with it. Tease the video in the copy of a social post so viewers know what to expect (but are still intrigued enough to watch!) Don’t neglect the written word for a shiny new video. People still like to read (we hope, anyway)!

Content and Quality

Don’t sacrifice your content for a highly-edited production. The story and dialogue behind the video are a top priority; the video needs to be compelling and intriguing. Think about how many videos users scroll past a day. Think about which ones they stop on, which ones you stop on...the music doesn’t stop you (most sound is off until you click it). The story determines the first thing you see, and if it’s compelling you stop. Quality, music, sound, graphics, it’s all important, but don’t forget to tell a story.

Go Live

Live video is a great way to interact with your audience (and people are obsessed with it!). It offers opportunity for interaction you can’t get from a pre-recorded video. While you can’t offer a highly edited production, you can still add value.  

The Details

No matter the type of video you choose or where you choose to promote it, it’s the little things that will get you the eyes you need on your video. Don’t forget these details:

  • A compelling thumbnail image
  • Subtitles
  • SEO
  • Hashtags
  • Emoticons
  • Headlines
  • Analytics/Tracking

The bottom line is, don’t just make a video, make sure you are getting the most out of your video investment.


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