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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on August 20, 2015

Even if you haven’t heard of Periscope yet, you probably will. This new live video-streaming app, purchased in February 2015 by Twitter and launched in March, offers multiple benefits to small businesses. If you’re not familiar with the new platform, here’s a closer look at Periscope, how it works, and how you can utilize it for your small business.

What is Periscope?

Periscope is a platform that allows you to stream video live. You have the ability to “go live” on your mobile device anywhere and anytime you have an internet connection. With this app, it’s possible to become your own broadcasting station on the go, streaming audio and video to viewers. The app takes advantage of social sharing via Twitter, but it also uses location, feedback, live discussions, and notifications to offer a fully interactive event.


After you create a broadcast, it can be watched for up to 24 hours. People can replay the broadcast and offer feedback. After the initial 24 hours, the app removes the broadcast. However, you can still save them to a mobile device, making it possible to save your broadcasts so you can share and publish them elsewhere like other videos.


Just like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, Periscope comes with its own unique language. Here are a few important terms you’ll need to know before you begin using Periscope for your small business.


  • Scope – Every live-broadcast you create is called a “scope.”
  • Scoper – A person using the Periscope platform.
  • Replay – It’s possible for Scopers to have broadcasts recover so that others can replay it.
  • Hearts – Tapping on the screen allows Scopers to show love by giving hearts to a broadcaster.
  • Follow – You can follow other Scopers, just like following other users on Facebook or Twitter.

Getting Started with Periscope

Now that you’re familiar with Periscope, how do you get started? Follow these steps to start your own business Periscope account.


Step #1 – Download the App – The Periscope app is available for Android and iOS devices. Find it in the app store and choose to download it.

Step #2 – Sign In – When you start up the app for the first time, it will ask you to sign in. You can use your phone number to sign in, or you can use your small business Twitter account. If you want to leverage the social aspect of the app, it’s recommended that you use your Twitter account to sign in. You can add additional Twitter handles by going to the “Add Account” section under your device’s

Twitter Settings.

Step #3 – Check Out the Tabs – You’ll see four tabs within the app. The first tab includes a list of people you’re following who are live broadcasting, as well as a list of the broadcasts you’ve checked out in the last 24 hours. The second tab shows a list of public broadcasts you can joint across the globe. The third tab is considered your broadcast booth, which is where you can start your own broadcasts. The fourth tab allows you to look up others to follow.
Great Ways to Use Periscope

Once you begin using Periscope, how can it be used to build your brand and benefit your small business? Here’s a look at some great ways you can start using Periscope.


  • Hold Live Question and Answer Sessions – Consider doing a live broadcast and having followers submit their questions. Answering on-the-spot questions is a great way to show off your industry knowledge while offering you a wonderful way to communicate with consumers and peers.
  • Take Insider Videos – Let your followers see live insider videos of how products are made or product demonstrations. Letting potential customers have an inside look at your business is an excellent way to bring in more customers.
  • Provide Professional How-To Broadcasts – Offering professional how-to broadcasts provides a wonderful way to continue building your brand. How-to videos are popular on YouTube, but Periscope allows users the ability to ask you questions in real time, something that’s not available on YouTube.
  • Show Off Products – Instead of taking multiple pictures of the products in your store, consider showing off your products with Periscope. It’s a faster way to show off your products while connecting with your target market.

Periscope offers a budget-friendly way for small businesses to connect with their audience, and it’s much easier than producing videos. It offers a live connection, and when used with the power of Twitter, it has the power to drive sales.

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