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Stephanie Cutler
by Stephanie Cutler
on June 30, 2016

The Mako Shark: Although the majority are found in the waters surrounding Tahiti, these very adaptable sharks can also be found in warm waters while other can be found in cold, some live close to the shore in shallow waters while others prefer the depths of the ocean. They are truly diverse, just like our ManoByte Team. 

So, what does Inbound Marketing have to do with the Mako Shark?

Let me introduce you to the Inbound Marketing Consultant.

Much like the Mako shark, Inbound Marketing Consultants are very versatile and can flourish in any situation. No matter the stakes, ManoByte performs under pressure and delivers incredible ROI on our client's marketing ventures.  What is it that an Inbound Marketing Consultant does, exactly? The role of an Inbound Marketing Consultant is to ensure the overall success of the inbound efforts for their clients while guiding them through Inbound best practices, website improvements, social monitoring, content creation, workflows, and helping them to achieve their business goals.   

Mako Sharks are relatively small, kind of like our highly specialized team of well-chosen individuals at ManoByte, and due to this many people don’t think the Mako is anything to worry about. It would be a mistake to underestimate the power of the streamlined Mako, or ManoByte's team of Inbound Consultants.

Our Inbound Marketing Consultants manage a client's Inbound Marketing efforts through daily, weekly, and monthly communication in the following six categories; client meetings, inbound strategy creation, project management, copywriting/editing, updating web content and overall social media management. As if these six categories are not diverse enough, you can also find our ManoByte Inbound Marketing Consultants doing a variety of additional tasks such as "how-to" video script writing, voice overs, attending trade shows, casting for client videos, creating social promotions, brainstorming new ways to promote content, and even acting in our own videos.

Check out our newest video below to see more comparisons between common sharks and our very own ManoByte Shark.



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