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by Gillian
on June 29, 2016

Shark Week is in full swing now! Hopefully you have been entertained and educated by our shark posts so far.

Before you do anything else, let's check in with the ManoByte shark in our latest Shark Week video:


Wistia video thumbnail - Shark Week Day 3

Now without further ado, let's talk about the Lemon Shark.

No one has ever made a movie about her and you probably won’t find her on any t-shirts, but that doesn’t change the fact that we love her in all her cartilaginous beauty.

Keep reading to learn more.

Lemon Sharks are Cool

What you need to know about lemon sharks is that they are pretty cool. They like to chill in shallow water along the coast, they have wicked cravings for midnight snacks and their stylish yellow coloring helps them to blend into the sandy ocean floor.

So what do these guys have to do with ManoByte and inbound marketing?

  1. Obviously, we are also very cool.
  2. Snacks are a big part of the ManoByte culture. While we’re not usually in the office at midnight, we’ve been known to chow down on basically anything we can find to satisfying our mid-morning hungers.
  3. We don’t like to blend in, per se, but we do like to keep up with inbound best practices by knowing what the industry is doing and what’s working for other agencies around us.

Lemon Sharks Would be Great Inbound Marketers

The lemon shark’s traits would make it excellent for inbound marketing, and that means it has a lot in common with the ManoByte team.

The lemon shark has a magnetic personality, just like the smiling faces that come into our office every day. We make clients feel right at home from day one.

Lemon sharks, as evidenced by their clever camouflage, are very sensitive to their surroundings. As savvy inbound marketers, so are we. Not only do we try to keep the office a comfortable temperature (which can be a challenge in the Michigan winters) but we are also keen observers of industry trends and context.

Communication is critical to the life of a social shark like the lemon shark. They find food using electroreceptors in their heads and are surprisingly social creatures. They live in groups and have complex social relationships that involve learning from their fellow sharks and cooperating to make life easier for all of their lemon shark brethren. At ManoByte, we are highly social and not just because we have a Facebook page. We are always learning from our interactions with one another and with our clients that span a range of industries and geographies.

Finally, the strategies we create are built to be adaptive and flexible to meet the needs of our clients. That means fine tuning blog posts, perfecting Twitter posts, and slaving over video edits to create the sites and generate the leads that our clients expect. A lemon shark would have a hard time writing a blog post but they do know how to adapt to different climates -- lemon sharks can find their way from the shallows of a mangrove forest to the middle of the ocean depending on the time of year.

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