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Shawn Persons
by Shawn Persons
on June 28, 2016

The Hammerhead Shark is perhaps one of the most recognizable sharks based on its physical characteristics. Besides the long, lean body, its head is shaped like a two-sided sledge hammer. (That is one head bump I would not want to be on the receiving end of.) But what else do you know about this ocean residing creature? Since this post is coming from ManoByte, what personality traits does the Hammerhead Shark possess that could be useful to an Inbound Marketer? Let’s take a closer look! (Don’t worry, no dive cage required).

Swim a little deeper if you're curious about how we put this in to play for our clients.

There are four primary characteristics and abilities that the Hammerhead Shark is known for:

  1. They have an aggressive and dominant personality.
  2. They have impeccable hearing and within their species are good communicators.
  3. They are very perceptive to their surroundings with instinctive reactions.
  4. They are socially engaged.

The Hammerhead Shark has a little bit for every one of the roles within most Inbound Marketing firms. Let’s start with the Inbound Marketing Consultant. Being aggressive and overpowering is a character flaw for this position, but taking strong leadership in a way that gently advises while listening to what a client needs and wants is an essential asset. Effective Consultants also need good foresight to plan ahead, perceive business goals, and actively engage with their clients.

Looking closer at the Hammerhead’s communication and understanding skill set, you might wonder about the creative side of this shark. Whether creating websites, coordinating integrations, developing content, or producing video, marketers in the roles of Design, Development, Content and Video must be highly skilled in the art of communicating. From listening for design ideas to sharing creative direction in a way that excites our clients, intuitively knowing how to craft meaningful content is a vital ability.

The third area of a growing Inbound Marketing firm is Sales. This role definitely has an aggressive trait for the person who is extroverted, resilient, and always on -- but in a good way of course. A successful sales person will seek to dominate their field by providing their clients ongoing support with an endless source of best practices, and a deep thirst to help so many more. Of course, let’s not forget that the best salespeople are highly engaged with a deep networking pool of who’s who in their field.

So take a lesson from the Hammerhead Shark and apply your Inbound Marketing Skills.

On the lighter side, check out more comparisons between sharks and ManoByte.


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