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by Beth Jackson
on December 17, 2014

Many businesses who are just getting into internet marketing are not sure if they are doing all that they can, or if what they've done will be enough to make it worthwhile. Some stop at simply having a high-quality Search Engine Optimization website, and many wonder if there is more they need to do, other than maintain a well-done website. The answer to the question though, depends on your business. For small companies that have a solid in-person customer base and are dipping into the internet marketing foray to help improve in person business, then yes, it can serve well enough as their only source of internet marketing. However, for many businesses, both in person and those based purely or almost entirely online, it is often far from all that you need to see your business be successful.

In addition to having an SEO website, you need to make use of other marketing tools.

Social media, ads, link building, and Search Engine Optimization blogging are all marketing tools that businesses use to help further enhance the results of their internet marketing campaign. In some fields, marketing strategists are forgoing link building in favor of more aggressive awareness building. Link building is the process of getting links back to your site from other sources. When people list your site as a source and link back to it, many search algorithms take it into account when assigning a rank in search results. Some companies focus more on raising interests through ads and social media than trying to build up links. While some in the SEO and internet marketing community debate over the legitimacy of this method, it has been shown to work over time.

How to use SEO blogging and social media to enhance your marketing campaign.

For many businesses, especially smaller and starting out companies, using an SEO blog can help increase traffic, customers, and even build loyalty among followers. This is especially true for using social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube are are considered forms of social media where companies can get the attention of consumers, and gain potential customers. Studies show that people prefer dealing with companies that are engaging and feel approachable through social media interactions. In addition to having a well written and designed SEO website, keeping an active social media account and linking it with live feeds to the landing page of your website can increase your marketing success significantly. Those who use an Search Engine Optimization blog in addition to everything else can help catch even more traffic. Presenting useful, written, and engaging articles that a relevant to the niche of your business can be a great way to attract new customers and further the loyalty of current ones. Unlike most social media posts, blogs tend to be less frequent and more developed. They often take more time and effort to be done well, but for certain niches, they make all the difference in the world. Though no single tool alone can be more beneficial than when you use them in combination for your internet marketing.