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by Beth Jackson
on July 30, 2014

Writing a blog can seem like a very difficult task. First, you need to decide what topic and then you have the task of writing the entire article. (Did you know that the longer the article, the better?) When writing a blog article, you want to write a successful post that will not only attract the right audience, but also help improve your keyword rankings online.

The (not so) big issue with Search Engine Optimization and blogging
Most people new to SEO and inbound marketing will instantly tell you that you need to write your blog based upon your target keyword phrase and then you need to mention the keyword several times throughout the article. The big problem with this method is that some users wonder how many times do they need to mention the keyword phrase, and then how many times is too much?

When writing your blog article you need to remain focused. Yes, your blog needs to mention your target keyword phrase, but no, you do not have to write it several times throughout the entire blog or document. Search Engines do know different variations of words and similar words, and they can relate those words to your target topic.

Topic based, not just keyword based
When writing your blog, keep the article topic based. Write not just for the search engines, but also for your target audience. You need to be sure to keep the blog geared towards who is reading it, not just what search engine is ranking it!

Length and Keyword Ratios
The length of your blog should be at least the length of one full page. This sometimes means writing two to four paragraphs, and an introduction and closing statement. (Remember to add in a Call to Action within your blog too!)

Keyword ratios should not be a focus point. Keep it an afterthought when writing the article. Write towards your topic and keep it geared around the keyword and related keyword phrases. Do not repeat the keyword phrase in an unnatural manner, and do not over-optimize your article by solely focusing on the keyword phrase itself.

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