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by Beth Jackson
on October 23, 2014

If you want your website to appear higher on Google's search engine (and if you want to increase your website traffic) you will need to spend time on content creation and search engine optimization (SEO). Google is constantly promoting updates on its algorithms and that’s why website owners must work to improve the quality of their website continually. Luckily there are some tips that can improve your ranking but won’t take much of your time!
1. Focus on creating high quality content – When you create content that will really mean something to your users/clients you can expect more traffic and quality backlinks.

2. Focus on quality – Interesting, detailed and unique content is a must. However, when we talk about quality we also mean quality from a technical aspect. You need to identify and remove duplicate content and pages. You also need to take care of the interlinking of your pages.

3. Create an authority website – Instead of publishing blog posts about your company that will only mean something to your friends and employees, focus on quality content which has value. Try to educate your targeted audience. For example, use some influential people in your niche in order to enrich your content. You don’t always need to be original, but you certainly need to be better than your competition.

4. One website for desktop and mobile users – There is no doubt that mobile devices are getting more and more popular. This is why people are looking to create adjustable websites. Instead of developing websites for every type of device (tablet, smartphone, desktop computer etc.) take creating responsive web design into consideration. This type of web design adapts to the size of the browser on every device. With this web design you can expect better SEO and better user experience.

5. Focus on your visitors – Keep in mind that your website primarily exists to serve the visitors. They come to your website in order to find some information. Analyze their behavior and see what your website misses and of course – fix it.

6. Backlinks – Backlinks are still working and today they are even more important than before. But, if you are trying to get backlinks through web directories and by spam comments on different blogs you can’t expect anything. This is not the 20th century. Backlinking requires serious time and effort, so take your time and see what you can do to create useful backlinks.

7. Don’t forget the long-tail keywords – There is one thing that remains unaffected after all Google algorithm updates – long-tail keywords. They are characterized by many words and phrases which mean less competition. It is also very important to find targeted terms. When you find a key term that matches your key audience you can expect significant increase in your traffic.

8. Keyword density – Once you find few keywords that can help your website rank higher – don’t overuse them! All search engines like natural content.

These are just a few SEO tips to help you utilize your content for the best of your website's overall ranking and health. What are some SEO methods you have used that have helped you grow your business online? Let us know in the comments below.