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by Beth Jackson
on October 28, 2014

If you have some basic knowledge about SEO you have probably heard about the term Google Panda. But let’s see what exactly is Google Panda. Google is the most popular search engine in the world and in order to keep its quality and allow users to get the most relevant results, this search engines has decided to update its algorithm and the process is called Panda update. The first Panda update was announced on 24th February 2011. Since then there were several Panda Updates. It is interesting that Google uses few other changes in the algorithm like Google Penguin for example in order to get similar effects.

The latest Google Panda is Panda 4.1. This algorithm update was announced on September 23rd 2014. The developers in Google announced that this would be a major Panda update which includes and algorithmic component too. According to the experts working in Google around 5% of the queries will be affected. What is interesting is that the people from Google said that this update will be a slow rollout and site owners are still waiting for the effects even after one month.

All the people that could possibly be affected by this update – mostly people working with SEO – are discussing these changes on forums, social media and other places where they can share their experience. Some of them say that they have noticed the first effects and while some are saying that their ranking has dropped others are satisfied with their new higher ranking.

In case you are witnessing a lower amount of traffic, and you think that your website is following Google rules, (especially when it comes to those rules covered by Google Panda update), don’t blame Panda. Google is constantly working on improving their algorithm on daily basis. So, chances are that your ranking and traffic is affected by some other update. Don’t rule out the possibility that the traffic is decreased because of some changes you have done on your website (layout changes, marketing campaigns etc.). Although Panda 4.1 started on September 23rd 2014, the changes are still rolling out. This is a really thorough update and this is why the effects are becoming visible after few weeks.

It is good to know that the previous version of this algorithm update – Panda 4.0 was announced on May 20th, 2014. But, what is interesting is that this update and its effects were noticeable within a week. Many website owners are unaware that between Panda 4.0 and Panda 4.1 there were series of smaller updates in the algorithm and this is something that was confirmed by Google officials.

They only announce these updates when more than 2-3% of the queries are affected. But even if we are talking about 0.5% of search queries, the traffic to your website could be seriously affected. This means that website owners and SEO experts should constantly work on improvement of their content and they should follow Google’s instructions.

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