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by Lisa Saliture
on April 5, 2013

By now, you’ve probably heard that Facebook, one of social media’s most populated platforms, is shifting towards a more image-driven style. If you find yourself rethinking the way Facebook fits into your overall social media strategy, you’re not alone. If you’re not accustomed to using images as narrative, the shift may leave you at a bit of a loss when it comes to your branding efforts. But visually drive storytelling is nothing new. Here are three great places to draw inspiration from.

Look at other image-driven applications like Instagram

Part of Facebook’s new move towards being more visually-driven comes from trying to recapture younger users who have moved to applications like Tumblr and Instagram. If you haven’t explored these communities yet, they’re a great source for examining how you can tell a story just through images. See if you can identify ways in which small pieces of the puzzle add up to reveal a larger story about an organization. An Instagram feed may include pictures of a snazzily dressed customer who’s wearing your product. Or maybe you want to capture a dazzling view from your restaurant’s window. Focus on personalized details that add up to a big picture and get inspired by the creative efforts from the top 20 companies on Instagram.

Look to the art world

Whether you’re using a professional camera or a mobile phone to create your own images, followers will certainly notice the way you approach the camera lense. Take inspiration from new and old works to see how artists create compelling images. It doesn’t hurt to think about some of the fundamentals that ensure your pictures are showstoppers. Why not start with taking a look at composition? These 25 tips can get you started. Another great element to play with is color. For a sleek, stylish boutique, you might want make all your images black and white. If you own a toy store, run your images through a super-saturated filter with photo-editing software. A choice like that is bold, but it can contribute to your overall style and presentation.

Be a master curator

When you’re not using your own imagery, be selective with what you choose and consider how it informs previously shared content. Just like the director of a museum or gallery, your job is to ensure that every piece of the collection works to tell an overarching story. Order, variety and harmony are three important concepts to keep in mind since they all can affect the perception of the narrative you’re sharing. In the same way a painter steps away from the canvas to examine how individual brush strokes add up, it's a good idea step back and look at your newsfeed from an outsider's perspective. What would you think if you were seeing it for the first time? Keep track of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ to know what kind of material your audience is craving more of and what they can live without.

A bigger emphasis on curating and creating images on Facebook may seem like a big obstacle to overcome at first. However, don’t let the changes overwhelm you. It’s much more exciting to take the new style on as a challenge where you can put all your creativity to use!