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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on March 18, 2008

Let's not beat around the bush, there are a ton of ugly websites out there. Some of the websites that I've seen are hideous and whoever developed them should be probably banned from every developing a website again. Your website is a picture of your business. When someone comes to your website what do they think? How do they picture the work your company does for clients?

Let me explain how some of these awful sites come to life and explain the cure for them. Some business owners know that they need a website, and they want it done professionally, so they go looking for a web developer and designer, they then see the 4-8K price tag and right away they get sticker shock. Not to mention this is just the upfront cost, the maintenance of that website will be another expense for years to come. So, they try to do it themselves or worse they pay a low end service provider or a high school student to put something together.

So if you want an incredible professional looking interactive functional website get it for free with DotNet Nuke (DNN)

DNN is a free Web 2.0 Framework. It is open source with a huge support community. There are tons of free modules for this platform such as Maps, Blogs, Forums, Calendars, File Managers, and even an incredible Online Store. If you want more than what is included for free with DNN you can go to the snowcovered website and get some very professional looking skins for less than 100 bucks. DNN is incredible and its designed for the Search Engine Optimization. It gives you the flexibility to tag every module. Nuke your ugly website!

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