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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on June 30, 2008

Personal I have never watched a single episode of "Family Guy" but you would have to be from Mars not to have heard of the Show. Well, according to the New York Times, "In September, Seth MacFarlane, creator of Family Guy on television, will unveil a carefully guarded new project called Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy. Unlike the TV show Family Guy, which is broadcast on Fox, this animation series will appear exclusively on the Internet. The innovative part involves the distribution plan. Google will syndicate the program using its AdSense advertising system to thousands of Web sites that are predetermined to be gathering spots for Mr. MacFarlanes target audience, typically young men. Instead of placing a static ad on a Web page, Google will place a Cavalcade video clip.

What does this mean It means that Google knows how to get in front of people and reach them with the media they want. As business owners, we would do well to analyze our web presence and the use of Google Adsense. Especially in the light of Google other big announcement regarding creating its own Media Ad Network.

 With a large company like Google, it stands to reason that any new technology or programs like Google Adsense would draw a great deal of attention. There are a few different principles that you should understand in order to truly understand how Google Adsense works. Knowing how these principles function within the program is the best and easiest way to truly understand Google Adsense in its entirety.

Ad Space

This is the first principle to understand. In order for Google to implement Adsense on your site, you must first make ad space available to the business. This could be something as large as an entire page or something as small as a banner ad along the bottom of the screen. All you need is ad space that is ready to be used.

Ads Appear on Your Site

The next principle is that Google targeted ads are displayed on your page. The higher ranking your site, the more money advertisers will have to pay for the ad space meaning more money for Google and more money for you. Google always monitors the bidding and only displays the highest paying ad resulting in more money for both you and Google. Google makes sure your website only has the highest price ads are displayed. This ensures all parties get the best deal possible no matter what.

Google Pays You

Though you do not get the entire amount that comes from the sale of the ad, you do get a portion that is paid out through a secure network to ensure you get your money safely and on time. Google helps to monitor payments and keep track of sales and ads that have been hosted on your site.