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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on November 8, 2017

The one thing that remains the case across all medical and healthcare sales reps we talk to is the need for ways they can enhance their productivity and timing to land the meeting with the busy medical professional they’re trying to sell to. One of the first questions we ask these people is, “are you using a CRM to manage your leads and opportunities?” Unfortunately, the responses we commonly hear to that question are “No” or, “We’d like to, we just haven’t done it yet.”

Let us be the first to say, you need to fix this problem soon if you want to experience a significant change to your current slow sales cycles. Obviously, because we are the an inbound marketing agency living and breathing all things HubSpot, we’re going to suggest the HubSpot CRM to get yourself going. And that's not just because we like it, but because it’s a robust and free solution, so it’s a perfect fit for all you budget-conscious medical marketers out there.

Here are a few of the features we think make it a great fit for medical sales processes:

Customizable Deal Stages

When you first get started with the CRM, the deal stages are already loaded into the system into these categories:

  1. Appointment Scheduled
  2. Presentation Scheduled
  3. Initial Contact
  4. Qualified
  5. Decision-Maker Brought In
  6. Proposal Sent
  7. Closed - Won
  8. Closed - Lost

And although these categories make a lot of sense for most companies, you might find that you want to cater them a bit for your specific sales process. That’s not a problem, because with HubSpot they are completely customizable. You can create your deal stages to look as simple or complex as you like including additional features like invoice tracking.

Want more productivity tips for HubSpot? We've got even more tips right over here. 

The Phone Tool

We all know how hard it is to get a medical professional on the phone, but you probably also know how key phone conversations are to the sales process. It's a double-edged sword of sorts, so anything that can make this process easier is probably music to your ears. The phone tool in HubSpot provides the ability to create your own queue of phone calls to make throughout the day, all you have to do is click on it to make the call and an automatic redial feature will call the next person on your queue list after 40 seconds. Also, we know the medical industry can be complex and full of important regulations, so you need to pay attention to what the person is saying rather than feverishly taking notes. The HubSpot phone tool records the calls and automatically logs any notes you've made right in the contact record.

The phone tool also works with your Google calendar, so you can create an easy and convenient way for your prospects to set appointments with you.

Data for Days

Buyer's today do their research online before talking to a sales rep. In fact, HubSpot reports 81% of people do online research before even talking to a salesperson. That means medical sales reps better be prepared with some information to answer more of the decision-making questions from a physician or hospital representative who finally makes contact to get more information. A contact’s profile page is the first resource the HubSpot CRM provides that details each and every piece of activity that person has had on the website, from pages visited, to forms and resources they’ve downloaded, even recent social media trends are visible through the profile.

Here's an example of what the contact profile looks like:



This area gives you the exact details of what the potential customer TRULY cares about, so you can then cater your conversation towards solutions to whatever their problem is.


This tool is an email add-on you use with the HubSpot CRM that links your inbox for alert and notification of lead activity within your emails. When you have this feature enabled, you’ll receive alerts and notifications when a contact is engaging with your information, so you can seize the opportunity of their attention right when it matters most. It’s a bit creepy, but we’ve found people aren’t THAT weirded out by it and they wish they could have the same insight, too.

Here's what all that creepiness looks like:


Photo Cred.

Additionally, Sidekick also provides sales reps with prospecting assistance, because when they go to a website of one of their existing customers, they can see a list of other similar or related companies. Looking through these suggested prospects helps to shorten research time looking for other companies within your ideal buyer persona. No more wasting time working to qualify leads, the information is already available.

As you can see, the HubSpot CRM is a great solution for medical and healthcare professionals who are looking to maximize their productivity in order to close more business. Here at ManoByte, we are an inbound marketing agency that specializes in helping medical and healthcare businesses maximize their use of the HubSpot platform of products for effectiveness. If you are looking for a partner that can help you leverage the tool more effectively for your medical marketing and sales efforts, please feel free to contact us today.


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