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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on September 27, 2017

We’ve been talking a lot lately about how to market effectively in the medical and healthcare space. It’s loud, crowded, highly-regulated, and it takes a lot to get your voice (and product and service) recognized. Because of this, you are always on the hunt to be as productive as possible as to not waste any of your time marketing to the wrong people at the wrong times. The good thing is, you now have HubSpot, so you’ve taken the first powerful step towards maximizing productivity. Now, you just need to know how to use it more effectively. 

Good news: we know a lot about that, and we love to share our knowledge.

To help you navigate the tools available to enhance your marketing and sales productivity, we’ve come up with a few tips for each of the two ends of the HubSpot Platform. For those of you who are new to HubSpot, there are two “sides” of the tool that you can leverage. (And guess what?! A third’s on the way very soon, we’ll update you about the Customer HUB as soon as we have more details.) For now, we’ll break things into our favorite productivity tips for each side of the current tools: marketing and sales. 

The Most Important Tip of All

Before we get started though, the first tip I should mention is that you should use BOTH of the tools together! Trust me, as the Director of Marketing & Sales for ManoByte, I see how both sides of HubSpot work together for growth and results. Using one without the other is kinda like driving an ice cream truck down a suburban side street while blasting kid-friendly music, but without any ice cream in your freezer. You might get a lot of kids interested and coming towards your truck, but in the end, a massive piece of the overall experience is missing - frustrating your valued customers.


Want to learn more about the overall functionality of the HubSpot platform? We've got a guide that breaks down the basics right here

Our Favorite Marketing Productivity Tools:

Campaigns: You got HubSpot to track marketing effectiveness, right? If so, this tool is a MUST have. You can tie all your efforts from different areas of the platform (emails, blogs, workflows, social media messages and more) to measure how your efforts are working as a whole to see what needs changing or adjustments. Find the Campaign tool under the “Productivity” tab on the Marketing Dashboard.

Workflow Tool: Want to create email workflows based on the activities of a specific medical professional? You can use HubSpot’s workflow tool to create automated emails based on user interest and activities. Maybe a physician downloads a content offer, they can be automatically enrolled in a workflow with content written specifically for physicians. Or, if a hospital executive downloads, they are put into a different series of emails catered specifically for them. You just sit back and watch the reports with interested leads come in. Find the Workflow tool under the “Contacts” section of your Marketing Dashboard. You can also find a link to it in the Email section.


The workflow tool can be a little overwhelming at first glance. Rest easy, we have a massive guide with step-by-step directions and navigation tips available for you right here

Content Strategy: Keywords are on their way to the graveyard, folks. As Google and other search engines become more advanced, it’s more about the terms being searched and the overall value of the content. The Content Strategy tool allows you to build your content around search terms, linking them together to establish value so they play better in search results for SEO. Find content strategy under the “Content” tab on the Marketing Dashboard.

Our Favorite Sales Productivity Tools: 

Quick Note: There’s a TON more CRM features coming with the newest version of HubSpot Sales Professional due out this November.

Sales Messaging: What is great is going to get even better. Currently, HubSpot allows you to implement a small chat box window for certain (or all) pages on your website. This creates an easy spot for someone to get quick access to you and the information they want. And coming soon, the Conversations Tool will bring in all messaging tools in one place. So no need to monitor FB Messenger or individual chat windows from multiple places, you will be able to communicate with anyone from the HubSpot platform. For instructions to install this on your website, click here.

Email Tracking: Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when a physician or key hospital manager opens your email? With the HubSpot email tracking tool you can do it! A small notification appears on your desktop. And if you miss it? No big deal, all the data is captured on their contact record, so you’ll know exactly when they opened it and if they clicked on anything. Learn how to set it up right here.

Sales Email Templates: No more time should be wasted on drafting individual, personalized emails to each of your sales contacts! HubSpot can help automate this for you through the Templates tool. You only write the emails once in the Templates tool using the automated personalization tokens, label them for follow-up, and if you’ve connected your email, you can select a template right from your email composer. Find this under the “Sales Tools” area of the Sales Dashboard.

Scheduling Tools: HubSpot integrates with most email and calendar platforms to make it easy for someone to schedule a meeting with you. Simply put a link to your calendar in the chat, email, or whatever communication you are utilizing and HubSpot will block off the meeting time and give you notification of a new meeting. So, remember those email workflows I was talking about earlier? You might not even know when an email is going out, but if it includes the HubSpot link for scheduling, you might be surprised when one of your prospects books a time to have a chat about your medical device or service. Find out how to sync this up for your calendar right here.

And even though these are all great tools, this just scratches the surface of what you can do to leverage HubSpot effectively. Not only that, there are so many more coming in the near future. We look forward to talking with our current and future clients about how they can use all the new HubSpot features to improve productivity in medical and healthcare sales. Contact us today if you want more information. Or, if you want to just keep up with blogs like this one, click the button below and become one of our blog subscribers. And don't worry, we hate spammers too, so you'll get just one email a week notifying you of our new blog posts.


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