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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on December 3, 2016

Several years ago, ManoByte began working with one of ShoreTel’s many valued partners to manage their inbound marketing efforts. The results were nothing short of amazing, right out of the gate we were able to help that one partner obtain 62% of all cloud leads available that quarter. Thanks to the success of that relationship, word spread and we quickly began managing a variety of marketing efforts for partners all across the United States. 

We’ve now partnered with 14 ShoreTel partners to deploy a range of marketing services like individualized inbound campaigns, lead nurturing processes, ShoreTel campaign management, and robust website design.  Because of this significant relationship with ShoreTel partners, we’re excited to be heading to #ShoreTelOne for the first time next week to meet with our valued clients as well as many other partners we haven’t had the chance to connect with yet.


For those of you who don't know, the event is showcasing ShoreTel’s evolution through Unified Communications. Event goers will see how the organization has been able to foster rich interactions with customer demand while offering signature flexibility and brilliant simplicity. With communication products available to service onsite, cloud, or hybrid situations, this event aims to provide valuable insights into growing revenue and profitability for channel partners through special keynotes and breakout sessions.


When you arrive at the event, make sure to stop by at booth #20 to say, "Hi!" to the ManoByte team. We’re sending 5 of our “Sharks” to talk with partners about their marketing efforts for 2017 and beyond. And although our team itself is amazing and well worth the stop at the event, you want to know the best part? We’re giving away a smartwatch to two of our booth visitors! (And yes, I did write TWO watches. We wanted to make sure to meet the needs of BOTH Android and iPhone users with an Apple Watch and a Moto 360) Just remember to hang on to the card we give you at the event, as it will be required to claim the prize.

We look forward to meeting many of you at the event! We’re also looking forward to hearing some great speakers, sessions, and even hearing some jams from 3 Doors Down. Maybe we'll even bottle up some sunshine to bring back to Grand Rapids! It’s sure to be a great event. We'll see ya in Orlando!

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