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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on November 4, 2016

If you frequent the ManoByte blog, you know we dig all things related to the HubSpot platform. (If you don’t know what HubSpot is, it’s the epicenter of all things inbound marketing.) We use it, manage and leverage it for our clients, and we love to learn more about how we can implement the endless features and tools to serve our customers better. So, when HubSpot hosts a major conference like #INBOUND16, we pack our bags for Boston and get ready for several days of major inbound marketing fabulousness.

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And guess what? We’re super geeked because all the excitement is happening NEXT WEEK!

Who’s All Going?

This year, we’re sending our CEO, our Director of Marketing, and our Director of Content. This fun trio is looking forward to learning about all that’s happening in the world of inbound marketing as well as working together to develop strategies for how our clients can benefit from product enhancements and features. 

What’s the Agenda Look Like?

Oh boy, the INBOUND team at HubSpot sure knows how to plan an event!  In addition to many awesome break-out sessions, (Our CEO Kevin Dean is leading “Niche is Nice!") there’s some pretty amazing keynote speakers like Anna Kendrick (I better pack a red Solo cup!) and Alec Baldwin (He's taking a short break from playing The Donald on SNL for a hot second.)

You Closing the ManoByte Office in GR While in Boston?

Heck no! We’ll still have a great team of people holding down the fort making inbound magic in the new Shark Tank while we’re away. 

How Can We Keep Up With You While You’re There?

We’ll have daily recaps here on the blog, and you can follow us on Twitter and Instagram as we make our way through Boston and all of the amazing things on the agenda for #INBOUND16!

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