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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on July 15, 2013

Social Media Landing Pages

The sales and marketing game has changed. Marketing Executives has become cynical of the social media silver bullet and rightfully so! Social is not a silver bullet, but it can be as dangerous as one if not used properly. The problem we see over and over again that that people are using social build to build awareness and humanizer the brand, but go no further. Marketing Executive need to leverage social to lead consumer into the sales funnel by leverage landing pages for social lead generation. You do this by share links on your social channels to landing pages. So let us discuss how to leverage landing pages for social lead generation.

Exchanging valuable information for contact information

It is not always easy to get someone to voluntarily give you their email address when they arrive on your landing page. A countless number of people who regularly go online and check their email accounts are frustrated by the volume of unwanted messages, ads and offers that populate their in-box. If you want to get them to give you their email address, you have to offer them something of value in return.

Among the more valuable things that you can offer to someone visiting your landing page is an eBook or a white paper. These items contain in-depth information that the casual visitor to your site can not access. A good way to start the lead generation process is to first arouse the visitor's curiosity by allowing them to read a short excerpt from your eBook or white paper. Once you have sparked their interest, you can offer to email them the entire publication for free. They will, of course, have to provide you with their email address to receive the material. You gain a qualified lead from someone who has expressed interest in the products or services you offer.

Landing pages are more immediate than home pages

Instead of having a link from a social site that connects the clicker to your general home page, send them to a landing page that relates more directly to the subject they were interested on the social site. This way, you get your potential lead to the relevant subject matter and can encourage them to share their email address in exchange for a desirable gift.

Creating a landing page funnel

Gradually build relationships with your potential customers by funneling them toward an actual purchase. At first, you may only ask for an email address. As they show more interest, you may share more information and get additional contact information like a mailing address or cell phone number. As interested visitors slide further down the funnel, and deeper into your sales pipeline, they become more likely buyers.

Leveraging landing pages will help you generate more sales leads from social sites. These days, almost everyone hangs out on Facebook, Twitter and multiple different social sites and your job is get them to come over to visit, be social and buy whatever you are selling.