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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on August 23, 2015

Facebook has finally heard the please of business owner and agency owners by creating the Facebook Business Manager for those with multiples:  multiple ad accounts, multiple pages and multiple people.  If you have a good amount of ad accounts that you manage, have a large number of pages that you manages as well as have a good number of people who work manage all these ads and page, then Business Manager is the newest tool that will help you better organize your daily work flow.

The Facebook Business Manager Advantage


It’s not personal, it’s business!  Facebook Business Manager allows you to keep your personal profile on Facebook separate from your business profile.  None of your personal information, posts, or pictures will show in Business manager and you can even decide how you want your name to appear.  You no longer have have to "friend" a coworker in order collaborate with them on an account.

Business Manager brings all your clients, ad accounts and pages into one resting place so that you can better control what you are working on.  With a single login to Business Manager, you will see your main dashboard, which presents you with an overview of your ad accounts as well as all pages that you manage.  From this dashboard, you can then choose the particular account you want to work on.

After you start with Business Manager, if you begin work with a new client, you only need to ask them to give you access to their page.  You will request access and once they approve it, you will then see their client name added to your list of accounts.

Business Manager allows better for better security.  If your company has a large number of people working on these accounts and pages, you will assign a primary admin to oversee Business Manager as a whole.  This admin will then give “permissions” to secondary users and teams so that they can manage their own pages and ads.  You can delete and add users at any time.  Each user does not have the access or the ability to view what the other is doing if permission is not given.

Making the Transfer


Taking the time to set up Business Manager can be a bit time consuming and so plan ahead and set aside some time to devote to getting this done properly. 

Up to this point, you have most likely been using a shared login to get into your ads.  Facebook is now requiring anyone who does have a shared login to make this upgrade.  To begin the transition of moving ads and into Business Manager, you’ll want to make sure that you have this shared login information as well as the names and work email addresses for all those within you company that you want to add.  Once you have gathered this information, you’ll go here and follow these instructions to start the process of transferring your ads.  Once you have transferred your ads, you’ll then want to do the same for your pages but it’s a bit of a different process.  To read the details about how to add your pages, go here.


Once everything is transferred, you will still use Ads Manager and Power Editor as before but you will access them now from within Business manager.  One thing to keep in mind before beginning this process is that once you add an ad account to Business Manager, it cannot be removed.  However, you can remove a page at any time.


Business Manager may seem a bit overwhelming at first, especially when performing your initial setup, but once your ads and pages are transferred and all users have their own accounts, the hard part is over.  It will only be a matter of time before you can work in a much organized manner which can only help increase your productivity.