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by Gillian
on October 16, 2013


If you've been following the ManoByte blog (and obviously you have, right?) you know that we have your back when it comes to lead generation. Without the right leads, your marketing strategy is going to get you nowhere. But once you've managed to get all those bright, shiny leads, what do you do with them? Well, you could bombard them with phone calls - if this were 1965! Or send them emails every day, whether or not you have the right targeted message to share.

But may we suggest, instead, that you nurture your leads in a smarter way: by using workflows.

While the term workflow is nothing new, we're not talking about a chart in a PowerPoint presentation or tucked away in an operations manual. We're talking about the automated marketing tools that can help you with lead nurturing workflows in a way that makes sense for you, and for them, resulting in improved sales across the board.

A marketing workflow in this context can make a huge difference in the kinds of things your leads see. You can, for instance, set up triggers for your leads. When they visit a certain page on your site, they get an email. When they are from a company headquartered in a certain city, they get an email. And so on and so forth as far as you need the workflow to go for your purposes. You can even have your workflow automatically update contact information for your leads as it changes.

When are able to use this type of focused targeting, you will almost certainly see your conversion rate go up. Yes, you may be sending out fewer emails overall, but those emails will be targeted. Will be specific. Will be effective.

It's pretty obvious how this type of workflow can have a positive effect for your leads because they will not be subjected to all those communications that were never relevant for them.

But a workflow can also be a major time saver for you and your marketing team. Think of all the calendar reminders you have set up that you could transfer to a workflow and forget about. The workflow does all the remembering for you. Actually, it does more remembering than you could ever hope to do. And there is never a risk of accidentally duplicating the efforts of another team member because it's all automated.

If you find yourself looking for ways to streamline your marketing process while still keeping close tabs on your leads, you should consider one of the many workflow tools that are available, most of which offer a free trial to start off. Once you see what the right workflow can do for the efficiency of your sales team, there's no way you'll go back.