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Emily Neier
by Emily Neier
on November 9, 2018

Video—it’s a necessary marketing (and sales, and service) tool in the digital age. It’s a tool that, as technology advances, has certainly become easier and less expensive to produce. Then why does video still seem so hard? The truth is, watching a video is a passive experience for viewers, even though some of our most engaging content as marketers is video. With video, it’s difficult to measure real results outside view analytics. Creating a clear, measurable link between video views and action taken by viewers is difficult, and when measuring the results isn’t so cut and dry, you might find yourself and your team wondering if it’s really worth the investment.

Enter: HubSpot Video.

HubSpot users with Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise have access to a set of interwoven video functionalities with their existing marketing platform. These functionalities aim to solve two big issues with video: How do you measure it? and How do you personalize it?

Video Hosting

Partnering with VidYard, the new integration allows you to host up to 250 videos for free within your HubSpot file manager. Hosting videos in HubSpot means adding video to blogs, landing pages, and website pages only takes one click.

CTAs and Forms

So, how do you make video an active experience for viewers? HubSpot Video allows you to add calls-to-action and forms to videos. Send viewers to your website to learn more or collect contact information to send outreach via email.

In addition to making videos active experiences, you can add videos with CTAs and forms into workflows. Videos are an excellent way to garner buzz around your brand or product, so integrating them into workflows can enhance an entire campaign.

1:1 Video Creation

VidYard’s GoVideo extension is built into HubSpot Video; you just need a GoVideo account to activate it. GoVideo is an extension that allows you to record your screen and your voice, or record a video from you web camera, and for HubSpot Video, GoVideo works within your CRM. This is ultimate video personalization.

Salespeople can now create short, personalized videos to send to leads and prospects. Using video in this way humanizes the experience and builds trust. In some cases, you may never meet the people you’re trying to sell to, so the ability to send over short videos bridges that location gap. Remember that first video chat you had with a long distance friend or relative? 1:1 video creation makes your outreach that much more personal and human.

GoVideo also allows for screen recording, which is an important tool for customer experience teams. Have you ever been trying to talk a friend through how to do something, and halfway through you realize it’d just be easier if you showed them? Screen and voice recording lets your service teams do this with your customers. Talk customers through setup or issues they’re experience while you record the solution on the screen. Because video is integrated into the CRM, you can make the video inside the CRM and personalize it to that specific contact. If there’s one video that your customer found particularly helpful, you can reuse it later if another customer has the same question.

Knowledge Base Video Support

HubSpot Video also supports video in Knowledge Base articles. Those 1:1 videos that are helping individual customers can be easily integrated into your Knowledge Base. This can increase how helpful Knowledge Base articles are and solve customer issues before a service team member needs to step in. The videos won’t be as personal, but a well-constructed support tutorial will save your customers a lot of frustration. They’ll also be happier and more successful with your product.

Video is no longer a fancy addition for businesses—it’s a necessary marketing, sales, and support tool for businesses looking to grow in the digital age. HubSpot Video is changing the game, making video more accessible and actionable for teams of all sizes.


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