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by Lisa Saliture
on March 11, 2014

Though, I have been a marketing consultant for over 20 years and have relied heavily on my own creativity and ability to think “out of the box” to develop many grand marketing promotions for my own businesses and companies both big and small, I do admit to really loving Hubspot’s email software platform and how it has modernized marketing into “attracting, converting and delighting” into one inbound nutshell.

Similarly, my brother is a phenomenal cook! Recently, he artfully mastered the ability to make homemade spaghetti sauce that was infused with a touch of my Grandmother’s recipe, my mother’s recipe and my brother’s very own version of authentic Italian flavor. It was brilliant to me how he was able to bring in a bit of each of the cherished flavor’s I remembered eating at family gatherings as a child while also creating a new sauce that was all his own.

So, the key to becoming a good cook or chef is practicing with an adequate foundation of good recipes and training. With enough testing of the right amount of ingredients, the right cooking utensils, the knowledge of how to prepare various foods and preparation time, the chef masters his unique style of cooking.

Likewise, Hubspot provides a great foundation of marketing tools, such as their email dashboard as just one example in their software platform giving a business some great marketing recipes to help achieve great strategy results. Whether, your business is new to marketing or you think you are a pro at it already, Hubspot’s email marketing dashboard gives your business a convenient dashboard that integrates some very handy tools that are hard to pass up!

First and foremost, the world of marketing is constantly evolving, so you will never be on top of your game for very long without constantly having to learn! Hub spot is a firm believer of education and offers a wealth of training materials, and tutorials on the latest inbound marketing methods that they offer as part of their dashboard platform including marketing, business, and educational experts.

When it comes to email marketing specifically, Hub spot offers great free email templates providing you with the fundamentals of a ready-to-go message that will make it through the latest email spam filters. Here is the important part here – the email templates are the “Foundation” or the recipe for a business to use and build upon. You goal is to not create a cookie cutter email message, landing page, etc., that looks just like every other Hubspot message sent out to recipients! Did you hear me? Yes, if we all send out the email and landing pages that look like “Hub spot” templates, our recipients will soon notice that they all look the same and lose interest in the messages we are sending!

After all, our marketing goal is to capture our customer’s attention! So, Hubspot provides the foundation with the “recipes” (templates, tutorials, marketing library, resources and reporting tools) that we need to help create really great email marketing campaigns and infuse them with our arketing and branding knowledge and creative elements.

How do we do this you ask? An important step is to test your email campaigns by dividing them and sending them to different segments of your contact list. Testing various email designs and looking at the results by groups based on open rates and click through rates can reveal a lot about your messages and your recipients.

Testing will really help you understand what works and what doesn't work well with your recipients by taking out the guess work or assuming the boss knows best. Sometimes, or many times the boss is surprisingly not correct at having the magic answers! It’s like winning the lottery when guessing what your ever-changing customers are going to do next!

At the same time, testing gives us a chance as business professionals or people with ideas, to use our creativity to understand what really is working or not working when we send out email campaigns to our customers.

An example of an area that you can test is using several different subject lines for your email campaign. Or, other areas that you can test is to try different message content styles, or test having an image in the email message and even where it is placed can actually be tested against several email messages sent to email groups as segments. By sending different variations of your email design to segments of your contact list, you are able to determine which design type is more effective at generating clicks or opens.

And, guess what? Your email recipients will constantly be changing their email message likes and dislikes over time. They get bored easily after receiving hundreds of emails per week or month and they start to see patterns that businesses think they are cleverly using as the latest email marketing trends. So, be prepared to test your email subject lines, calls to actions, content, time of day that you send your email messages and even the click rate as an ongoing part of mastering the role of an email marketing chef!

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