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Anna Noa
by Anna Noa
on July 12, 2018

We’ve talked to you about the importance of video within your marketing strategies time and time again, and even if we’re sounding like a broken record, we still encourage you to utilize video whenever possible for your marketing, sales, and customer experience processes. The reason we are so adamant on this is because video content resonates best with today’s digital audiences, and that’s not just for sales and marketing, either. It’s also is a necessary element for your talent recruitment process. Recruiting agencies are now reporting 800% more engagement with job postings that have video embedded. And in today’s highly competitive job market, most organizations can’t afford to be put a step behind all those video-friendly job postings.

But you might be wondering what you should showcase, and how do you even begin getting a video like this created for your organization? Here’s some help to get you started:

Identify What Type of Recruitment Videos You Need

Company Culture: This videos give a quick overview of what it’s like on a day-to-day basis at your organization, from the people to the policies. It’s the overall attitude of the organization. Perhaps the most common of the recruitment videos due to its ability to serve multiple purposes, these videos provide job seekers with an inside look into what it would be like for them to work at your company. Typically, candidates will get a sense right away through these videos whether or not they would be a good fit in the culture being showcased.

Role-Specific: For those that want to take things a step further with recruitment video, a job-specific video that takes a closer look at a specific job role that’s available. Obviously, every job role is unique, and this type of video will provide a much more targeted focus on the specifics of what a particular position would entail. These videos can help to identify those more specialized candidates who are looking for a very specific job function.

History: Job seekers today like to have a solid understanding of the history of an organization before committing to an interview. History videos can help to identify the business goals and motivations of the leadership team, provides depth of understanding of the services and products being produced both today and in the past, as well as providing a sense of stability and commitment to the long-term success of your business.


Mission: Top talent today wants to feel like they have a stake in the overall mission and long-term plans of an organization before accepting a job offer. A mission video highlights the “why” behind your organization, your products and services, and the reason the employees make the choice to work for your company day in and day out.

Office Tour: Especially helpful for interviewing candidates who may be relocating from another area, office tours provide the visuals necessary for the job seeker to understand what the environment that they'll be working each day looks like. Do employees work in collaborative spaces? Are there plenty of conference rooms available? Are there any coffee stations? Whiteboard space? These are many of the questions candidates today have about the all-important office space they could be using on a day-to-day basis.

Employee Testimonials: What better way to entice someone to come work at your company than by hearing it from those who already do it? Much like how important online company reviews are to the marketing and sales process, your employee testimonials that highlight the good, and even the challenging areas of the business can provide real life examples of what it’s like to work for your company.

Getting a Video Created

Most companies today agree they need to utilize video more, but the challenge is getting budget, time, and resources aligned to make it happen. Companies have two choices when it comes to the business videos they create: either making the video in-house or outsourcing the project to a company or agency that specializes in making videos.

  • Suggestions for In-House Video Production: Using existing internal resources can be a great way to get a video created quickly, easily, and within budget. However, the issue with this approach commonly comes down to the quality of the video being produced. Most organizations do not have the equipment, staff, or editing experience necessary to produce a high-quality recruitment video. If that is your situation, we strongly encourage you to look for outside resources to create the video because something shot with your iPhone probably isn’t going to represent your business well to a potential job applicant.
  • Suggestions for Outsourcing Video Services: An outsourced agency should employ a team of professionals that includes videographers, graphics specialists, and editors. Often times, one person can do all three of these job roles, but a more advanced service provider will likely allocate those jobs to different individuals who specialize in each area. Keep in mind you get what you pay for with outsourced video services, so be sure the company has the equipment, skills, time, and team available to execute on your plan to your level of expectation. Also, be sure the team has a process in place to strategize, shoot, edit and revise your video to ensure the project stays on time and focused on the goals of the video.

Work With Us!

The ManoByte Video Team creates amazing professional videos each and every day. We have an in-house studio, amazing equipment, and a pretty awesome team that works tirelessly to bring unique ideas to life. Check out the video below, and if you’re interested, contact us to set up a time to discuss your next recruitment video project.




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