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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on October 12, 2016

When you think about video marketing, you may be familiar with the proven ROI and terminology, but you may not fully understand the power that is a video campaign. Viewers are becoming more and more accustomed to seeing videos in their everyday lives, but you need to know what it is that makes them so compelling to begin a successful video campaign.

To start a video campaign, be aware of the following features, functions, and ideas outlined in this blog. Pay close attention to the following tips, so that you can create a video campaign that yields results and creates value -- instead of disconnected videos that fail to nurture and engage leads.

Video Tells More

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine how much information is transferred when viewers see videos. Everything from the lighting, the tone and facial expressions of the speakers, the background scenery and the sounds make an impression on your audience. Every single choice on film can convey the overall message of a video, and that's why viewers can learn so much in even a simple, 30-second video.

The capabilities provided by incorporating an inbound marketing video campaign include; extremely efficient conversion rates, higher viewer engagement, and increased brand loyalty. Treat any video with as much thought as you do meeting a client for the first time, or if you were making a sales pitch in person. Since it's clear video tells more, ensure your videos are saying and showing the right things. 

What Are Your Goals?

The point of any video campaign is simple, it must accomplish a goal or else it is a waste of time, energy, and company resources. That's why the moment you start to plan a video campaign you identify the goals as well as what metrics you plan to use to judge your campaign success. Anyone can create video campaigns based on the vague goal of, "delivering a message."

Try thinking of a more advanced goal such as total views, shares on Facebook, likes, etc. Platforms like YouTube and Wistia allow you to analyze these metrics and establish reasonable video targets. If you have no video benchmark data because this is your first campaign, try asking yourself, "What would I like this video to accomplish?" Do this, and you will be able to focus your entire campaign focused on answering that simple question. 

Understandable Messages

You know that words are powerful, but all of the senses are better when it comes to communication. People are visual and need to see you, your facial expressions, any objects you may be holding that are pertinent to the film, etc. Make the point you may be demonstrating very clear, along with the general ambiance you may be trying to set. 

Once you have the message done, remember your message should also focus on the right audience as well. After all, just because you have an answer to a question or a point to make about a specific situation, it doesn't mean your message is being presented in the proper voice or tone. One key to a solid video campaign is to connect and communicate most effectively with your target audience. The last thing you will want to do is to isolate anyone or turn them off to your message simply because you spoke to them in the wrong language or used the wrong tone or examples. Know your audience before you do anything else with video marketing.

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Less is More

Depending on your decided message, you may or may not need to add a significant amount of extras for the video to be effective. Certain bells and whistles, like custom animations and breathtaking aerial shots, can be a tremendous thing for your overall package and impressions. However, be aware that as long as your message is clear, you can still be successful without expensive special effects. Your message could be lost among the unnecessary frills, so don't count on the special features of a video to convince potential buyers. The last thing you want to do with your video is to go heavy on the extras but have it lack actual substance for your viewers. Check out our recent blog if you're still wondering what really makes an effective video

Quantity and Length 

When you begin videos, you may want to give it as much as possible and ensure that everyone knows everything that you wish to communicate about your product. However, you also need to remember that too much information can be overwhelming. Online viewers don't have hours to spend on your video. In fact, web videos should be kept under 3 minutes for best results.

After your business decides how many videos will be included in your campaign, it's time to map out the path of your campaign. This ensures you continue to provide significant and quality information in each segment, but that you also aren't going too far or too fast between content items. It's extremely important to do this in strategic steps so that you properly nurture your leads along the buyer's journey.

Understanding Proper Distribution

What social channels does your target audience use daily? Before you post a campaign, take time to research the best way to get your message in front of the eyes of your intended audience. Having a good message is futile if your audience never views it. That's why you need to know how your message will be distributed to be most effective. Whether that's simply on various social media channels, through blogs and websites, email newsletters, or some other form of outbound communication your business utilizes. 

Working with the Best

If your goal is to create the best inbound marketing campaign possible, then you need make sure you are working with the best team possible. This is not just important for video marketing, but it is essential to the future marketing success of your organization. Having partners such as HubSpot can not only help you with your overall marketing plan, but they can help you to attract visitors, convert leads, and even close sales quicker. With HubSpot software to measure video campaign success, your organization can redirect your efforts when engagement is down, effectively distribute content, and track the activities of leads easily.

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