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by Beth Jackson
on March 13, 2015

Loss of web traffic that comes from Google organic searches as a direct result of the drop of your website in the search engine result pages is a very serious problem for businesses regardless of their size. There are many websites that get up to 90% of their traffic from organic searches that come through this search engine. 

However, because of the changes that Google made in their algorithm (like Penguin and panda updates) many website owners have witnessed the collapse of their websites. One of the first things that every owner wants to know is how to get back on track after the initial blow and the first step on that path is to determine the causes.

The most common cause of the ranking drop is the lack of quality content on your pages. Most website owners believe that they have paid enough time and efforts just by creating dozens of separate pages to promote their products, but the fact is that small businesses simply can’t create quality content for all these pages because they lack manpower. If your website has only a small amount of new and unique content and you have started experiencing ranking drop then you must assume that this is the reason. The second most common cause of this loss of web traffic are improper/unnatural linking. This is especially the case when the website is older and the owner has used some old backlinking techniques. The easiest way to avoid these problems is to start building unique content and build new backlinks with a higher value.

Another important thing is to determine when this loss of web traffic began. By finding the approximate date you will be able to associate this problem with some of Google algorithm updates and find exactly what went wrong. These updates have specific goals, so it would be much easier to determine the problems if you know the update that affected the ranking. In case you have installed Google Analytics on your website you should check whether there is a sudden change in the amount of traffic. After that, check the list of Google updates by date and start fixing the problems.

Keep in mind that Google updates and changes in the algorithm are not responsible for every change in the amount of web traffic you experience. It is also possible to get a manual penalty which means that Google has decided to penalize your website directly. In this case you must open your Webmaster Tools account because this is the place where you will get the explanation from Google. In case Google notices that you are trying to manipulate the search engine results they won’t hesitate to penalize your website.

Once you determine what is wrong you should immediately start solving the problem. The following is  a shortlist of the most common problems that lead to Google ranking drop:

  • Broken backlinks

  • Affiliate or paid links problems

  • Robots.txt file prevents Google from indexing some pages

  • Broken inbound links

  • Slow page loading time

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