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by Beth Jackson
on April 29, 2015

What can an inbound marketing campaign do for your business? Good question.


Inbound marketing is a comprehensive strategy that allows you to improve your digital marketing to bring in more qualified leads in less time. It is not like the traditional ad campaign you may have run in the past that relied on reaching as many people as possible and hoping that the right ones would come to you. Inbound marketing is highly targeted, meaning it aims to reach those people you already know have a need for you and it can reach them quickly and effectively, ultimately generating revenue faster.  

What Makes Inbound Marketing Different?

When you create an inbound marketing campaign, you'll be pulling together a lot of pieces to create one, all encompassing plan that is laser focused on achieving your marketing goals. It can be incredibly powerful. But what makes this type of plan different from other marketing strategies? And, how can it benefit your business?

  1. The focus is the customer. An inbound campaign is meant to attract your customer. Not just any customer, but your ideal consumer. Unlike other ads and tools, it is not meant to annoy them or force-feed your model to them. Instead, an inbound campaign offers consumers something useful. Something they already need. It creates a win-win situation. 
  2. Inbound is about content. Plenty of advertisements simply pitch a product, outline its benefits, and hope that someone who needs it will see the ad. But an inbound campaign looks at a customer holistically, apart from one single purchasing action, then creates content around that whole person to keep your brand top of mind, no matter where she is in her buyer's journey
  3. Inbound marketing employs various components to provide one message. Whether you are using your email newsletters, social media tools, Facebook, and blog - and a combination of these and other networks is important - the goal is to keep the message the same across the board.

So, why does this help your business?

An inbound campaign can help your business in a variety of ways. First, it works to create a brand image. When a customer can visit your website and learn about what you are talking about online, everything flows. It is just as important for you to communication your message in the same tone, message, and style. You want people to know who your business is and that when they contact or communicate with you on any of these levels that they are going to get the same response.

Brand recognition is a big part of why inbound marketing works. In addition, when you have leads come to your website or respond to your other methods, these are well qualified, likely-to-buy leads. They are people who are interested in what you have to offer, not passing traffic that is there for the wrong reasons. All of this leads to improved business models. It allows your business to see significant improvement from the ground up. In short, you are bringing in people who want to work with you, who are interested, and who know what your company is offering.

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