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by Gillian
on August 6, 2014

Although this post was originally written in 2014, it has been edited and updated for accurancy in late 2017. To view a more comprehensive and recent post on this topic, click here. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to marketing. Every industry is different, which means different methods will work best for their clients. When it comes to healthcare and medical inbound marketing, we think HubSpot can be a tremendous resource and produce significant results with our healthcare and medical clients. Keep reading to learn more about how HubSpot can help you become an Inbound Marketing expert.

A Constant Challenge

Good marketers don't shy away from a challenge. Maybe you dream of a product that sells itself, but the harsh truth is that if products and services did that, you could be out of a job. Still, the challenges of creating an effective healthcare marketing strategy are not insurmountable. HubSpot can help healthcare marketers craft an effective inbound marketing plan, and then make executing that plan as simple and efficient as possible.

Navigating sales meetings with medical professionals? Get some advice on that over here. 

Learning to Learn

According to a Pew Internet Project, health information is the most searched for topic on the entire internet. Searching for health information is the third most popular online activity after email and search engine use. So it's pretty obvious that online marketing represents a tremendous opportunity for any health or healthcare related company. But where can you start?

When consumers are looking for health information online, they're looking to be educated. They want to know about symptoms, treatment options, side effects. HubSpot gives healthcare companies an easy way to get this information into the hands of those who need it the most. With HubSpot, medical and healthcare companies can create valuable, educational content and use it to draw consumers to their site, using healthcare inbound marketing. Whether that's in the form of ebooks, videos, white papers, blog posts or some combination of those things is totally dependent on the needs of that company.

Keep in mind that your content should do more than sell your customers on your product or service. If you sell a anti-sensitivity toothpaste, you should still produce content about the best processes for gum health. It might not be a banner for your toothpaste, but will establish you as a valuable source. 

Inbound Leads to Leads

An essential part of inbound marketing - and indeed any marketing- is generating leads. Some medical companies may worry that their best leads will be unwilling to provide their personal data in exchange for valuable content (thereby giving the company a lead). However, based on ManoByte's experience with healthcare companies, lead generation rates are higher than average. According to WordStream, an average site conversion rate is between 1-3%. But with landing pages and successful inbound marketing, we have seen our healthcare clients earn conversion rates of up between 9 and 20%! Obviously something is working. 

Automation Saves

In any industry, successful marketing is about making personal connections by appealing to an individual's needs. But on a large scale, it can be difficult to keep track of different people who may be in different parts of your sales funnel with very different needs. Someone who comes to your site looking for general information, who has maybe never even heard of your brand, shouldn't be served up the same information as someone who knows exactly what you do and wants to compare you and your services to one of your competitors.

HubSpot automation makes it easy to keep your leads in separate categories and even dynamically serve up content and CTA's that make the most sense for that person. Someone who downloads an informational ebook will get a follow-up email with the next step that make sense to them, based on the information they've given you and where they are in your funnel. This automation not only saves you and your sales team time (and therefore money) it also keeps your leads interested by giving them content and contact that speaks to them.

A Social Proposition

Social media is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign in today's progressive digital landscape. Healthcare and medical marketing is no exception. HubSpot makes it easy to keep track of your healthcare social media community as well as share any relevant content directly to your social followers. With HubSpot tools, you can find out which content is gaining the most traction with your potential customers, find out who is talking about your industry and your brand, and engage with your customers, present, and future. All from one dashboard.

Additionally, paid social media advertising should not be ignored. Although some medical discussions are more private and users are now advanced enough to avoid searching for items that may produce ads, for those medical topics that do play well on social media, this should be an area you invest widely in. Facebook has some serious marketing power, use it when you can. 

Private Practice

As a healthcare and medical marketer, all this talk about sharing and social media may be a bit off-putting since one of the central tenets in many healthcare offices is patient privacy. Rest assured that no part of healthcare inbound marketing involves sharing or even requesting private patient data. Rather, obtaining a lead's email address in exchange for general health information or tips is a completely normal and legal exchange. The truth is that your potential customers who online are quite used to making this kind of transaction and will be happy to do it for the valuable information you have to offer.

To learn more about how inbound marketing can help you, click the button below to download our webinar below to find out how you can get started today. 


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