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Kevin Dean
by Kevin Dean
on July 22, 2019

Businesses today are faced with wildly different expectations than they once were. Consumers are demanding faster response times (in most cases they expect a response within the hour) and want to be able to find answers as quickly as they can type them into a search bar. Businesses need to have solid content spread across a wide variety of channels. Failing to keep up with any channel where your target audience spends time is like forgetting to hang up the “open” sign in your store. If you aren’t visibly available, why will people be drawn to show up?

Automating the Marketing Process

With such a high demand on quality content, many brands have turned to varying types of automation. Some rely on their tools to segment their email contacts or send out staple responses (like a welcome email). With through-channel marketing automation (TCMA), brands are able to reach wider without excessive exertion.

A TCMA platform sends out scaled advertising and marketing messages to your indirect partners. The software, services, and channel marketing on the platform all makes it easier for brands to reach out to their indirect sales partners and end users. Plus, the platform centralizes all of the marketing and advertising efforts into one place to reduce confusion and redundancies. Your team is able to create branded marketing materials for their local level use.

Growth with TCMA

The shifting nature of marketing is turning towards increased automation where possible. The TCMA market is booming, with Forrester predicting market growth to $1.3 billion by 2023. As larger companies look for ways to personalize their automation, platforms like TCMA are making it happen. Partners who need marketing support in any way will have access to build campaigns, create web banners, send branded emails, build flyers and much more. TCMA helps you keep your branding message consistent and on-point.

This is the best of both worlds, combining automation and the human element. The right platform is going to be able to provide a wide variety of DIY capabilities, features, and strong support. A TCMA platform should be user friendly and provide reporting capabilities that are easy to access.

Offering Power Through Content

Getting personalized marketing materials into the hands of your partners goes beyond the consumer. Of course, accurate and persuasive materials are incredibly helpful for driving the sale and retaining your customers. But it is the confidence and support that your partners get that is also a big reason to use a TCMA platform. Instead of waiting for a corporate office change or feeling ignored, partners are able to make changes, updates, and materials that fit their needs quickly. All of the content is already branded and fits within the scope of your company looks, voice, and direction.

With so many options for storage, publication, editing, and more, it can get tricky to find and share your branded content. The right platform will be able to help keep everything straight. Use a TCMA as your hub for marketing content, writing, design and needs. Direct all of your creatives, customer support, and sales teams right to one singular hub with a TCMA platform.

Need more help building content, creating strategies or measuring success? Contact us today and we would be happy to show you just what we could offer your company.

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