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Megan Prangley
by Megan Prangley
on February 7, 2017

If you've been keeping an eye on our social media, then you already know that last week, ManoByte hosted students for Kent ISD's annual Groundhog Shadow Day. In this program, students get to choose from a variety of workplaces and spend time with the employees doing something they're interested in possibly pursuing after high school. The students who chose ManoByte got to spend the day with our awesome Grand Rapids marketing team exploring inbound marketing, video creation, website development and more! 

Bright and early, we started the day with an overview of ManoByte, who we are, what we do, and why. The students learned about our passion for helping grow our clients' businesses with inbound marketing. Boiling all of what ManoByte does in a quick slideshow isn't easy, especially since marketing in today's world continually becomes more complicated, but it was a start. Learning the in's and out's of inbound takes much more than one day, but now these students have a solid foundation to continue building on. 

Want a complete inbound education? Check out our free State of Inbound 2016 Report. 

Students spent the majority of the day with our video team, which seems fitting since we've often been blogging about the importance of utilizing video marketing. We gave them the grand tour of our studio to see the equipment, filming spaces, the green screen, and every little detail that goes into making a video for marketing purposes. At the end of the day, students also got to see a bit of themselves on film as we dove into the editing process.

Want to see the video we made with the students? Watch it below!


After lunch, (a yummy taco bar) our guests also had the opportunity to meet with our creative designers and developer. These folks are the masterminds behind the design and development of our lead-generating websites.

ManoByte prides itself on our open, collaborative, and inclusive company culture; and we were excited to share our Grand Rapids marketing expertise with some students in our community. Hopefully, seeing the studio, screening room, and all of the exciting technology available inspires them to pursue their career goals. This exciting opportunity can only exist if businesses volunteer their time, so if you are interested in a simliar partnership, find a link below to learn more about how you can volunteer to host students with Kent ISD.

The moral of the story? Video marketing is a growing industry that not only is worth introducing students to, but that your business should also be leveraging for inbound marketing success. Want more information about video marketing? Check out our free eBook below and get cracking, these smart students are already way ahead of you! 

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