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Megan Prangley
by Megan Prangley
on May 1, 2017

You've landed on the best, one-stop resource for planning your week as a business professional and/or marketer in the greater Grand Rapids community. There's something for everyone this May and ManoByte is here to dish out the details about where should you be for career-related growth and networking this week. Let's get going with the Grand Rapids Marketing Planner with special highlights of future events to RSVP for ASAP!

Networking for Wizards

Alright, who here is a Harry Potter fan? Oh, look, everyone. If you're nervous to begin networking and want a mutual interest to help take the edge off, then this event with the Grand Rapids Young Professionals is perfect for you. Join them for networking this Tuesday night and watch the Trivia unfold as teams answer questions about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Don't forget your wand and business cards. 

Get more details here. 

Death to Boring B2B Marketing

Alright, marketers, get your tickets for this shindig now before you get charged for late registration! This event hosted by AMA West Michigan will help you learn about, "design thinking," and how it can enhance collaboration, conversation, ideation, and refine your goals to be more trackable.

If you're sick of playing it safe and want to break out of the mold, then make sure you RSVP for this session with Cliff Seal, a UX Lead at Pardot (part of Salesforce). Cliff will help you get away from static tools and automation and move towards creating and experimenting with your marketing endeavors. This event will help you do what you do best again: fearlessly connect with your target market and build empowered customers.

Get all the details here

RSVP for our Event Next Week

Did you hear? ManoByte is hosting a MeetUp, "Busting Writer’s Block with Applied Improv Techniques." next week! Not a comedian? Not a problem -- this session isn't for experts, it's for business professionals like you! Improv can help you hone serious observation, communication, and leadership skills as they apply to your business. It's true, check out this article from Entrepreneur about improv for building business skills. 

In this fun, one-hour session, ManoByte's very own Megan Prangley will show you improv techniques that can help you create fresh, engaging business content. If you're out of ideas or if creating content is as fun as pulling teeth, then you need to attend this MeetUp.

Here are all the details:

- 5:30 PM Networking
- 6-7 Improv Program
- 7:15 Out the door

Even Later in May

Don't forget we're also hosting our HUG on May 22nd. ManoByte’s CEO and owner Kevin Dean will be outlining steps to help present content to customers, deliver real-time visibility into whether customers find content engaging, apply advanced analytics for content optimization, and much more!

Here are all the details:

- Speaker: Kevin Dean, CEO of ManoByte
- Date: May 22nd, from 3-5:00 PM
- Location: Schuler's Books, 2660 28th St SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Our HUGs are usually filled to the brim with individuals looking to increase their marketing skills and network with like-minded friends, so don't miss out, RSVP for our HUG today to let us know you will be there!

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