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Amy Post
by Amy Post
on August 18, 2017

Hello once again, Grand Rapids marketing friends! As you make plans for networking and marketing next week, make sure to take note of these great opportunities happening in West Michigan:

Become Your Best Self in 2017 with John Maxwell's 21 Laws of Leadership

"A Leader Must Give Up to Go Up." - John Maxwell

On Tuesday, join a group of motivated professionals who are working to be the best leaders possible. They'll focus this session on using timing more effectively in our work and life. It's happening at Primerica in Grand Rapids. RSVP right here.

Love GRYP? You Won't Want to Miss This Celebration

It's time to celebrate, connect and inspire with Grand Rapids Young Professionals at their 4th Annual Celebration at the Goei Center. It's happening on Thursday evening from 6 - 9 P.M. They'll be recognizing young professionals who are standing out and leading among their peers. Tickets are $40, and they can be purchased right here.

Grand Rapids HUG Details are HERE!

Do you work in the medical or health field and want to learn how to do inbound marketing? We're holding an event just for you! ManoByte's CEO, Kevin Dean, will be showing you helpful tools and resources that can help you cut through the noise of the medical industry to create leads and grow your business. Get more details and let us know you're coming right here.

That's a wrap, Grand Rapids marketing friends! We'll see you next week with more great networking events you can take advantage of!


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