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by Beth Jackson
on September 18, 2014

Google seems like it would be a fun place to work at, doesn’t it? They do a lot of serious things, of course, but they also do a lot of things in fun ways. For example, a few years back they were bidding on some patents, and did so with an amount of $3.14159 billion. That’s Pi for those of you who aren’t math nuts.

When it comes to their search engine they have built in a lot of cool Easter eggs, which makes it do cool an unusual things. For example, their newest one, google.com/teapot, shows users a supposed Internet error, 418 I’m a Teapot, and a picture of a teapot. The text reads: “The requested entity body is short and stout. Tip me over and pour me out.” When you visit that site (we know you’re going to) click on the teapot to see what happens.

That is just one of the cool Google Easter eggs that we’re going to talk about today; let’s jump in.


Kerning is the process of setting up the space in between letters and words. Cool fact, huh? If you’re a typography nerd, and would like to see a Google Easter egg just for you, search [kerning] in one tab and [typography kerning] in another. You’ll notice that the spacing between the letters on the pages are different.

Do a Barrel Roll

If you go to Google and type in “Do a Barrel Roll” into the search box, the results will do a barrel roll. Who even thought of that?


Now this one is of the serious nature, but did you know that if you search site: followed by a URL, then followed by a search query, you can search that site directly? For example, let’s say you wanted to search Mashable for socks, you’d type in “site:mashable.com socks”, and you’d get all the results tailored to Mashable’s site.


Another Google Easter Egg isn’t necessarily useful, but kind of funny. Google has set up a fake robots.txt file that, if read by the terminator robots from the movie, wouldn’t come back and kill Google’s co-founders, Larry and Sergey. You can see it here.

Blink HTML

If you know HTML, you might have heard of the Blink element. Basically what it does is slowly blink the text that it surrounds. If you Google “Blink HTML” the words blink and HTML on the search results all blink.

Bottom Line

There are hundreds more, for sure. Google seems to have employees who do nothing else but bury Easter eggs for people to find on the Internet. Like we said, Google must be a really fun place to work! What Google Easter Eggs are your favorite or what are some new ones you've discovered? Share your favorite Google Search Tips!