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by Beth Jackson
on October 2, 2014

The Google Knowledge Graph is something that Google launched in 2012 to help improve its search experience. Basically what it is, is a set of information that is displayed about a person, place or item directly on the search page, making it less necessary for the searcher to click through to a webpage with that information. It is meant to save people a lot of time, since they can get these facts right on that one page and not have to shuffle around for them all around the Internet.

Now Google is working on the next iteration of the Google Knowledge Graph and its underlying database. It is called Knowledge Vault, and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

What is Knowledge Vault?

To put it simply, Knowledge Vault is a database of human knowledge, which then can be displayed right on Google. What it does is take all the information it gathers, merges it into recognizable and readable content, and then calls it a fact. They then rank the facts based on how accurate they perceive them to be. It is said to be “the largest store of knowledge in human history”.

So the question is, what will Google do with these “facts” when they’re done assembling them? The answer is that they will use them for their services like Google Now, which is their mobile (and now desktop) personal assistant. The idea will be that, like a site like Wolfram Alpha, you’ll be able to ask your Android phone “What caused the First World War” and it would be able to answer it for you without sending you to a website or a Google search.

At least that is what it is in theory. Google has come out to say that this isn’t a product that they are actively developing. Which is a good thing given what we’re going to talk about next.

The Knowledge Graph will be extremely useful for Google search users. Being able to just ask your phone for an answer and then to get one without having to visit the actual website seems simple and easy. But for publishers who rely on those visits for money, it could be difficult to manage. Here at Manobyte, we are constantly staying up to date on the latest changes with Google and its search products. We can help your business utilize the tools that Google offers to maximize your overall organic efforts.

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